Audio Seminar II: Sun Tzu's Keys to Strategy - MP3 Download

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When you order this product, you can download a zipped directory which contains three MP3 files containing the three sections of this seminar. NOTE: This is almost three HOURS of audio, so this download will take time, even over a fast connection. Based on the award-winning book Golden Key to Strategy.

  • The topics covered include:
  • 1. Overview of Sun Tzu and Strategy
  • 2. The Science of Strategy
  • 3. Positions and the Five Elements
  • 4. Competitive Philosophy
  • 5. The Competitive Environment: Climate and Ground
  • 6. The Competitive Venture: Command and Methods
  • 7. The Progress Cycle
  • 8. The Direction of Progress
  • 9. Completing the Progress Cycle
  • 10. Listen/Aim/Move/Claim
  • 11. The Keys to Listening: Part One
  • 12. The Keys to Listening: Part Two
  • 13. The Keys to Aiming: Part One
  • 14. The Keys to Aiming: Part Two
  • 15. The Keys to Moving: Part One
  • 16. The Keys to Moving: Part Two
  • 17. The Keys to Claiming
  • 18. Question and Answer - Close

At almost three hours, this seminar is our most detailed seminar overview of Sun Tzu's strategic system. Presented live by Gary Gagliardi to an audience of small business owners, it tailors Sun Tzu's ideas to the needs of people who run their own businesses.

The seminar combines Gary's tranditional material on Sun Tzu with illustrations, stories, and even jokes from his award-winning book, the Golden Key to Strategy. The seminar is divided into three parts. The first part examines strategic analysis. The second part examines how positions are advanced and discusses the listening phase of the Progress Cycle. The last section discusses the aim, move, and claim steps of that cycle.

In this seminar, Gary illustrates the concepts of strategy with examples ranging from building his Inc. 500 company to his battle with cancer.