"Bank error in your favor collect $100"

in a land called Atco, a series of strategic, victories and blunders alike happen to it's citizens and their organizations. It is up to the brave Sun-Tzu Warriors to share and reflect on these. these are their stories. Sometimes Strategic Surprise is beneficial, even if still completely shocking. a few months ago, it was normal for us as a Boy Scout troop (806) to be restarting on our fundraising every year, after summer camp. The only new thing about this year, is that we have now a full comittee for our troop. At the start of organizing and checking our funds, the guy who does so, is the same guy who does so for our church. In small towns, news spreads quickly... and overnight we were rich, or $10,000 richer to be in fact. he explained that while he was cleaning the accounts for the Ward, in previous years, people would leave a little left over in the Boy Scout account, and over the next several months, forget that the account existed. So they would make a new one. and appearantly it has been done for just long enough for us to cover our general expenses. however, its funny that the boost in funds really didnt last long since they used it on camp, and buying other essential basic items like a troop flag we were doing without. i have inserted different paragrapghs and spacing... but they wont come up in the final product... if anyone can please comment to tell me what i have to do to "skip lines"

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