Becoming a SOSI Strategy Trainer

All of the materials that we license (the basic description of materials here) was originally developed and used by Gary Gagliardi in his work training large organization. We charge a small annual licensing fee and then no fees at all for using our materials in your training. Our primary mission is simply spreading these ideas as quickly as broadly as we can.

Our materials and concepts provide a framework that can be applied to many different competitive arenas, from business to personal development, and to many specific roles, from product sales to sports coaching. At this point, we need trainers with experience in specific strategic areas to help us to flesh out our programs for our mutual benefit. The core philosophy of our training program is that we are all stronger working together and sharing our work than we are working independently.

NOTE: The basic training materials (slide shows, seminars, etc) were developed PRIOR to the completion of our Sun Tzu's PlayBook at the end of 2011 and the latest version of the Golden Key to Strategy book in 2016. The Sun Tzu's PlayBook was designed to create a more structured curriculum in Sun Tzu's methods but has not been adapted into actual presentations though licensed trainers can use all its material. 

Warrior's Rules: 

Competitive Arenas: