Classic Overreaction to Environmental Vulnerability.

Last week our Today's Article on Warrior's Rules (TAOSR) program explained the principles regarding the defense and exploitation of environmental vulnerabilities. The basis principle is that we must know how to defend against the five kinds of challenges that these vulnerabilities create (S-RULE 9.4), specifically the rule about avoiding an over-reaction (S-RULE 9.4.2).

Here is a classical example from Tigerhawk of a large company (Goldman Sachs) suffering an environmental attack (from a blogger) and over-reacting:

Goldman Sachs is gunning for this blogger, hiring a big law firm to shut him down. Bad idea, and a surprisingly clumsy move from a firm that so rarely gets it wrong. As Ann Althouse points out, the fact of taking a shot at the guy has massively expanded his audience...

You know the cliche, "it's not the crime, it's the cover-up"? Well, there is public relations corollary: "It's not the blog, it's the complaining about the blog."