A Clear Political Philosophy? The Mount Vernon Statement

Recently, a number of conservatives have rallied around a core statement of values called the Mount Vernon Statement. This statement is short and directly. You can read it here. We hop this reflects a new trend in politics of embracing a clear statement of what we call "mission" in teaching Sun Tzu's strategy (1.6 Mission Values).

One of the biggest weaknesses of both political parties is their unwillingness to make their core philosophies clear. The reason is that most politicians prefer "loose" positions that they can easily change as the climate shifts (4.5.3 Surface Holding Power). Loose positions require fuzzy missions (6.7.2 Size Adjustments).

For years, we have explained why a clearer mission would help attract and especially hold supporters. We hold others by first committing ourselves. When we do not commit ourselves, we weaken the commitment of our supporters. Thomas Shelling in The Strategy of Conflict expresses this as, "The power to constrain an adversary depends upon the power to bind oneself."

The political classes personal desire for "flexibility" has been the primary reason why more and more voters are turning independent. If most Republicans sign on the the Mount Vernon statement (and, of course, stand by it), it should change this equation dramatically.

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