Comparing and Using Sun Tzu with Other Training

Training in strategy never conflicts with other forms of management or sales training. It always makes these other forms of training more valuable. We never attempt to redefine or re-engineer existing processes. Instead our training provides a background of understanding

that fills in the gaps not addressed by other forms of training.

For salespeople, our training addresses the strategic issues that arise at every step in standard sales models such as Miller-Heiman's. Its strategic framework also provides the powerful insights needed to use sales techniques such as SPIN Selling.

We give your people a common vocabulary for discussing strategy that gives them an alternative vocabulary for discussing the unique aspects of your organization's competitive position in the market.

In general, Sun Tzu's strategy addresses two areas overlooked by other forms of training.

1) It

teaches people how to make good decisions outside of standard processes and management oversight.

2) It puts processes into a larger competitive picture explaining not only why these systems work, but how each person can make them work better in light of changing conditions.