Core Training: Warrior Class Lessons

Warrior Class lessons are the core of the Institute's training based on Sun Tzu's The Art of War. Warrior Class Lessons are both challenging and fun.

Every day you make all types of strategic decisions without realizing it. Warrior Class training teaches you to instinctively use the concepts of Sun Tzu's strategy as taught in Sun Tzu's The Art of War. It is offered in three parts of about a hundred lessons each. Each part has its own final test and certification process.

In the Warrior Class, you are tested constantly. The questions are designed so that you make a LOT of mistakes. If you do not score high enough, you cannot go on to the next level of lessons. Why do we make it so hard? Because it is more fun to make your mistakes here than in real life.

Become a Certified Strategy Professional! As you complete EACH of the THREE PARTS of the Warrior Class, you receive the Institute Certificate of Completion documenting your level of strategic knowledge. 

Purpose Lesson Plan Methodology

The purpose of the Warrior Class and Sales Warrior Class is to make you completely fluent in the Sun Tzu's concepts of strategy. The lessons we choose to create from each stanza focus on the recurring themes in the science of strategy. Read more.

We divide the Warrior Class on-line training into three parts of about a hundred lessons each to make the material easier to study. We divide the more detailed lessons of Sales Warrior Class into six parts of about fifty lessons each. Read more.

Warrior Lessons and Sales Warrior Lessons force you to make mistakes. By forcing you to make mistakes, they speed your learning. The simple truth is that we all learn many times faster from our mistakes than from getting things right. Read more.

Competitive Arenas: