Creativity: Mixing Standard Components in a New Way

Sun Tzu taught a simple formula for creativity. You look at the existing pieces of "best practices." You then take those pieces apart and put them together in a new way. Sun Tzu specifically teaches three views of best practices: how processes look, how they sound, and how they "taste," that is, changing the result they create. As I point out in several of my books, "rearranging" these parts is often a matter of changing their order in time, but those rearrangements are often made possible by advances in other areas usually very remote from the target area. Today I ran across a great example of a company building a niche business doing these. As condo towers are springing up all over the world, one company, SkyPan, has come up with a way to create the view available from your condo BEFORE the condo tower is actually built (article from Forbes, here, registration required). They do this by flying a helicopter over the site and taking a panoramic views of from it at various heights. The trick is that this isn't an ordinary helicopter, but a remotely piloted robot big enough to carry only the rather large camera involved. So the new technology for remote piloting is revolutionizing how real estate is being sold.