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05/27/08   I joined the private sector in 2005 as a salesman and the only book I bought was your Art of Sales/Art of War. I trained myself with your book as my only aid. I wrote 18 million dollars of new business in 2.5 yrs. I am now going to start my own business and your book (The of business) will be my only training aid....thanks, scott perry

05/27/08 In regards to your program - WOW!  I only wish that i could read and comprehend faster.  Your program (book & web) are great!  i will be learning from your books & site for years to come.  You have designed a product that definitely wins out over everyone else...I purchased the Sales Warrior because of the design of the book, the fact it contained the Art of War, and the MP3 download.  I will continue to purchase your books (just ordered 2 more from your web site a couple of days ago).  I work for Aflac and AIG (keeps me busy). I love your site.  Michael Ferguson   

05/20/08   I am Yin Min Phyo who is a NUS [National University of Singapore] MBA candidate and also a Burmese...Luckily, in our MBA program, your book [Warrior Marketing] is one of our recommended books for Competitive Marketing Strategy. I've just finished some of the chapters of your book. I am so interested in it. The book is simple but can give me deeply thoughts. I do really appreciate you for your translation. Thanks, Yin Min 

05/20/08 I have been re-focusing my life after closing an unsuccessful business. When I found your translation of the work with regards to The Sales Warrior at Chapters here in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, it was a perfect fit. I purchased it instantly. I am focusing more on a sales business now and I am positive your book will help. I have read it through already once. I am now starting to focus on the finer details and concepts. Thank you for such a great book. Don Mikkola

05/15/08 I found your book at a Barnes & Noble. I have really enjoyed it and have learned a lot already. Good job! ...The book is Art of War for Sales Warriors. I have set up e-flash cards at a web site so that I can learn Sun Tzu's terms. I have really gotten a lot out of this.  David Cochron

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