Deadly Indecision in Afghanistan

The current news story that President Obama will come up with a better strategy if he spends more time making his decision couldn't be more wrong.

There are a number of strategic principles that explain the problems with this common and fatal misconception in every part of the Warrior's Rule Book (1.1.1 Position Dynamics, (1.4.1 Climate Shift, 1.8.3 Cycle Time, 3.1.6 Time Limitations, 5.1.1 Event Pressure, 5.3 Reaction Time, 5.3.1 Speed and Quickness, 5.3.2 Opportunity Windows, 5.5.3 Fast Action, 5.6.2 Acting Now, 6.1.1 Instant Reflexes, 7.0 Creating Momentum).

There are so many strategic issues that we cannot discuss them all, but generally any fast decision gives you a strategic advantage while slow decisions put you out of sync with developing events.

Let us simply quote Sun Tzu:

"Mastering speed is the essence of war." Sun Tzu's Art of War 11:2:16

"Each day passes quickly.
A month can decide your failure or success." Sun Tzu's Art of War 6:8:14-15

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