Dem Health Care: A Classical Limited Situation

The Democratic campaign for federal control of health insurance finds itself in a classical Limited Situation (6.4.7 Difficult Situations). The only strategy that works in a limited situation is a surprise (6.5.5 Intersecting Response). Since the intended surprise has already been exposed, their chances of success in this situation are near zero.

There are nine common classes of competitive situations, all with their own required strategic responses for those who find themselves in those situations (6.4 Nine Situations). Coincidentally, our Today's Article on Warrior's Rules program will start publishing those nine situations on Jan 29th.

The Limited Situations describes an end-stage situations where a relatively small force can block a transition attempted by a much larger force. The large force here is the Dems who want the current bill. The methods required is for the larger force to move in secrecy. This is what the Dems tried to do. You can read about their secret plan here. The fact that we can read about this plan means that it has failed. This is why we are seeing a flood of anti-health care advertisements right now. The smaller enemy is cutting off this maneuver at the pass, as it were.

This means that the bill is either dead or it move to the final situation, the Desperate Situation, if the Demos really want to go there (6.4.9 Desperate Situations).

Warrior's Rules: