Ebook and Audio Book: The Art of War Plus The Chinese Revealed eBook plus Art of War Audio Book

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Older version of the only award-winning translation of Sun Tzu's work. Same design as current version, but without the commentary in the margins or FREE MP3 audio book. The only translation that shows and explains the original Chinese on every page with a transliteration of the characters side-by-side with the English sentence version. Includes a glossary explaining the main Chinese concepts. There are many translations of The Art of War, but for the price of the least expensive you can own the only truly accurate version written by America's leading expert on Sun Tzu's system. Winner of the Independent Publishers Book Award for Multicultural Nonfiction!

DOES include the audio book MP3 download of this book's Award-Winning Art of War English translation. You can compare this version to other translations and immediately see where they depart from the original Chinese into the translators' own opinions. This version won the award not just for being the best translation or the best book about Asian philosophy, but the best of all books in 2003 explaining another culture anywhere in the world.


"Supremely Accurate bilingual edition...Each two-page spread features the translated lines into English on one side and the Chinese ideograms with their meanings on the other so that dedicated readers can readily understand the range of meaning in the original text...The definitive version of The Art of War for those English speakers who truly want to understand it..." June 2003, Wisconsin Bookwatch

"The Best...internally consistent between the translated concepts and so shows a level of knowledge and detail that is not present in some other translations. As a translator, the author obviously sees the big picture...Gary Gagliardi is considered by many to be a leading expert in understanding and using the competitive methods embodied in Sun Tzu’s treatise on the art of war."
HAROLD MCFARLAND, editor, Reader’s Preference Reviews,
Midwest Book Review