First Steps to Mastering Sun Tzu's Play Book

The study of Sun Tzu's competitive system is much larger than most people realize. It is easy to get lost in its many specific areas without developing a big picture view. The articles and resources linked to below are free to the public, provided by the Science of Strategy Institute to promote a better understanding of why Sun Tzu's Warrior's Play Book Rules work so well.

  1. Review the Basic Plays – Short explanations of the basic Play Book rules of Sun Tzu's strategy.
  2. Don't Start with the wrong ideas - Learn the six most common myths about Sun Tzu and how they lead people astray.
  3. Read our Success Stories - No need to read them all, just get a taste of other people's experiences in mastering Sun Tzu's Play Book and how it led them to more success in their lives.
  4. Download our Free Art of War - Download our award-winning translation with samples of how we apply Sun Tzu to today's challenges.
  5. Learn what to do next - Nothing works better than a guidebook for learning. This is where you get it.