Free Art of War MP3 Audio Book

The book qualifying to this promotion was published over five years ago.  We cannot honor this offer on used books. However, since some of these books are still in the retail distribution chain (not Amazon or B&N, who sold out over a year ago), we are  honoring this offer for customer's books purchased at retail prices.

To Get Your Code

  1. Have your copy of the book ready.
  2. Click on the link below.
  3. You will be prompted with a random page number from the book, enter the last word from the text (not the footer, not the sidebar) on that page.
  4. If you enter the correct word, you will get the Coupon Code. Copy and paste it somewhere or write it down.

Get Discount Coupon for the The Art of War Audio Book

Notification and Download

  1. First, CREATE AN ACCOUNT on the site. You need an account in which our system places the download file. You must be logged in to get download (check email for password) and login.
  2. Send an email with your ACCOUNT ID, COUPON CODE and an where (what store) and when you purchased the book and how much you paid.  After your purchase is verified as possible, Gary will put the file in your account and notify you by email.
  3. You then DOWNLOAD the MP3 from your Account created by the check out . After checkout, you go to your account File Downloads (see link in top right-hand column) and click on the filename link to download.  It is a .zip file, containing a number of compressed MP3 files.
  4. YOU MAY HAVE TO DOWNLOAD SEVERAL TIMES TO GET A WORKING COPY. This is a large file even compressed (a song is 3 minutes, this is hours). A slight error in download will cause the file to be corrupted. IF the .zip download doesn't uncompress (click or right click on it, depending on your operating system), simply download again.

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