Global Warming: Fraud or Great Strategy?

The recent exposure of a thousand emails among leading "scientists" involved in the promotion of so-called "man-caused global warming" demonstrates that their motivations have little to do with science. The emails discuss, among other things, the best ways to fudge data and keeping their efforts secret from scientists who are not "as predictable as we would like."

The emails show that the people involved were not motivated by objective science but by politics and greed. Their goals were more government control over "evil" corporations and, of course, more funding, both from government and by blackmailing those same corporations.

Though "global warming" will be remembered primarily as a fraud, it has all the hallmarks of great strategy. United by their philosophy (1.6 Mission Values) and abetted by a media who shared much of that philosophy (1.6.1 Shared Mission), a relatively few scientists have been able to establish a dominant position simply by manipulating information. They avoided battles where they would have to debate their models and instead publicly branded their critics in the scientific community as "deniers." The position they established gave them respect, power, and generated billions of dollars in funding. For a list of the kinds of strategic moves exposed in the emails, go here.

They have done such a good job of establishing their position that I predict that even after their true methods and motivations have been exposed, they will pay little or no price for their actions. Instead, many will continue to follow them as true believers, no matter how much the facts and science disproves their alarmist predictions.

SOSI has always seen this movement as more religion than science. It is not that we deny "climate change," quite the contrary. One of our basic principles climate change is a necessary part of nature ((1.4.1 Climate Shift) and that mankind must play a role . We see our role as adapting to this change (1.8.2 The Adaptive Loop) as we have all throughout history. We object to the idea that governments can somehow change nature, including human nature, as part of the illusion on control. Sun Tzu's strategy is based on the fact that we must adapt to reality rather than try to change it (3.2.1 Environmental Dominance).

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