The Golden Key to Strategy: 101 Lessons in Winning Small Victories Every Day

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This book is the 10th-anniversary update to our Award-winning Golden Key to Strategy Book. It takes an entertaining approach to teaching practical strategies for success in everyday decision-making. In its 101 two-page lessons can change your life by teaching you to see competition from a completely new perspective. Fully illustrated, the book is full of stories, jokes, and quotes based on strategic principles that go back 2,500 years to Sun Tzu's The Art of War, the book takes competition out of the realm of conflict and redefines it as a matter of making the right choices based to improve the ways you are compared to others. The original edition of this book was the Winner of the Ben Franklin Book Award as Best Self-Help Book of the year. This tenth-anniversary edition contains has been greatly improved based on the author's recent nine-volume work on the various aspects of competitive strategy.

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