Institute Founder - Gary Gagliardi

The founder of the Science of Strategy Institute is Gary Gagliardi. Gary is an internationally-known business educator, a highly awarded author, a technology expert, the founder of an INC. 500 company and an alumnus of Harvard's Graduate School of Business. Gary is experienced in helping large corporations, small businesses, and government entities become more successful by reducing conflict.  Gary's books on "winning without conflict" are sold all over the world. Go to the website for more about Gary.

Gary has worked continually in the private sector since he was fourteen. By the time he started college as a National Merit scholar, Gary was already a department manager for large national chain. He started his first successful business, a spice tea company, T'N'Spice, while still in his early twenties. After selling that company, he went to work for Bic Pen. By his late twenties, he headed their sales operations in the Pacific Northwest. Moving into the high-tech market in the early 80s, Gary joined Tandy Radio Shack, the early leader in personal computers. He became their first major account marketing manager here in the Pacific Northwest.

Gary left Tandy to write a series of books on computers for Bantam Books. That book series led to a technology consulting company, that company became FourGen Software, a multi-million dollar INC. 500 company with offices across the country and clients around the world. As its CEO for thirteen years, Gary won the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Blue Chip Quality Award, the Trendsetter Award, and was a NW Entrepreneur of the Year finalist. During this period, he also published several more books on technology including a college textbook on client-server computing. He won lifetime certification in IT from the ICCP. 

Because of his business success, Gary became known for the philosophy of "winning without conflict" from Sun Tzu's The Art of War. After selling his software company in 1998, Gary began training organizations in these powerful methods. His clients include Kraft, Nokia, the Mayo Clinic, Hyatt, Fermi Labs, the World Bank and scores of others. He wrote a series of books on this competitive strategy. Since 2001, ten of Gary's books have won award-recognition in seven different non-fiction categories. Gary's books are translated into a dozen languages including Korean, Thai, Polish, Russian, and Arabic. Business people from all over the world enroll in his Science of Strategy Institute's on-line courses.