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PowerPoint Shows

The Institute's On-Site Training Courses are provided to our trainers in the form of PowerPoint Shows. These shows are being supplemented with S-RULE ="views>

Trainers can access not only the "generic" base shows, but a selection of sample "tailored" shows illustrating how this material is adapted to different groups. To see a sample of our PowerPoint shows, you can download two of them for free by going to from the PowerPoint section of our catalog.

The Quick Show: A 20-minute show introducing people to what our strategy training provides. This show is a short sample presentation designed to be offered for free to potential customers. This is a component of our "Money Speaking" system for promoting the Institute's work. Trainers get that book, of course, and a host of materials based upon it, including a complete outline for a successful seminar marketing system.
Positioning: A general introduction to strategy (60-90 minutes). This is the basis for both keynotes and free sales seminars, which are designed to sell products.
Advancing Positions: The above show with additional material on advancing positions (3-4 hours).
Strategies for Selling Show: This is a show addressed to salespeople specifically (60-90 minutes).

Sample Tailored Presentations (with Audio)

All shows should be tailored to the audience. Basic shows include slides we suggest for tailoring. We also provide documentation for pre-presentation interviews designed to identify the parts of the Sun Tzu's Play Book to focus on. The following PowerPoint shows provide samples of presentations tailored to specific groups. These are from actual presentations and audio and video are available to our trainers.

50-Minute Free Presentation: Program tailored for political candidates to interest them a longer training experience. (Show and audio).
Corporate Keynote: This PowerPoint is a sample of a an hour presentation tailored specifically for a major communication equipment maker.
90-Minute Corporate Event: Tailored for the international corporate customers and sales executive for a major hotel chain.
4-Hour Paid Training Event: Tailored for a training event for independent small businesses who work as part of a larger network of services providers.

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