Lesson Plan: Three Levels of Certification

The Lesson Plan of the Warrior Class and the Sales Warrior Class follow the chapters of Sun Tzu's the Art of War. We divide The Warrior Class On-Line Training into three parts (shown below) of about a hundred lessons each. Each part has its own final test and certification process. Because each lesson in the Sales Warrior is longer and more detailed, we divide the Sales Warrior Class into six parts, each with its own certification exam.

Part One Part Two Part Three
Basic Concepts
Lessons 1-21
Part One Review
Strategic Analysis
Lessons 22-38
Weakness and Strength
Lessons 105-124
Field Position
Lessons 194-220
Going to War
Lessons 39-53
Handling Conflict
Lessons 125-145
Types of Terrain One
Lessons 221-243
Planning an Attack Lessons 54-68 Adaptability
Lessons 146-159
Types of Terrain Two
Lessons 244-267
Lessons 69-85
Armed March Part One
Lessons 160-171
Attacking with Fire
Lessons 268-284
Lessons 86-104
Armed March Part Two
Lessons 172-193
Using Spies
Lessons 285-306

Final Test and Certification