Access to Tools: SOSI Live Training

The best way to master Sun Tzu's methods is by using them in team exercises that address your organization's current challenges.

The Strategy Institute's live training introduces your organization's people to strategic tools for making better, faster decisions based on Sun Tzu's methods. No one else offers the training in competitive skills or tools that we do. 

Training sessions are conducted personally by Gary Gagliardi, America's leading authority on Sun Tzu. Use this form to contact Gary about the availability of live training sessions. Usually three-months advance notice is required to schedule a training session. In 2014, Gary Gagliardi relocated to Las Vegas, NV, to cut down on the amount of travel involved in providing training. 

Prices (see below) vary based on location, length, size of group, and amount of customization. All presentations are customized to some degree because there is too much material not to select it based upon a given group's competitive needs. 

Session types include:

  • Warrior101 "Basic Training": Our introductory program (1-3 hours) giving participants and overview of Sun Tzu's strategy for creating winning positions.  Basic training prices range from $1,500 for an "basic training" orientation (1 hour) for groups meeting in Las Vegas, $5,000 (2-hours) for sessions elsewhere in US,  to $10,000 for 3-hour orientations outside US. 
  • Mastering Change "Boot Camp": Sun Tzu's strategy for creating winning positions is based upon leveraging the opportunities created by change. This session introduces attendee to practical tools for adapting to change.  Boot camps start at $3,500 for a day-long session in Las Vegas, to $7,500 for sessions elsewhere in US, to $15,000 outside US. 
  • Live "Warrior Class" Sessions: Our complete, on-going training program.

If your organization is dealing with the challenges of today's more competitive market, we can train your front-line people to make faster and more creative decisions in dealing with the unprecedented changes that we face. The skills we teach enable people to see how to recognize opportunities and safely pursue them, avoiding costly conflict. Our training brings the proven principles of strategy to a new generation of workers. 

This training goes far beyond abstract philosophy, providing your people real tools for making better strategic decisions, tools that they are trained to use outside of their introduction in our workshop sessions. These tools are developed directly from Sun Tzu's philosophy, but proprietary to SOSI's training program.

Our training programs introduce your people to a proven approach to making better decisions in an increasingly competitive world.  Our training philosophy and methods is unique because the research shows that you cannot train people in decision-making the same way that you train them in process. We offer a unique combination of live interaction with on-line practice.

[NOTE REGARDING PRICING: All needed facilities, equipment, costs of travel and lodging are paid by the organization hosting the event. Prices are subject to change and adjustment depending on the nature of the engagement. Discounts are given to existing customers or those interested in longer term training commitments. However, we are now limiting on-going commitments in various ways because of limitations on our time. For example, we are now more inclined to charge more rather than less for organizations that require monthly training at their site, while more extensive training in Las Vegas is always discounted. We are no longer intrested in responding to competitive bids, RFPs, etc..]

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