Live "Warrior Class" Courses in the Nine Skills

The goal of this program is create changes in behavior through the introduction of attendees to a series of valuable tools that they can use every day.

This on-going training program consists of a series of modules that focus on developing specific strategic skills. It combines on-line study at the Institute's Strategy School with of a series of live training workshops, conducted several months apart. Workshop sessions focus on interactive exercises. Attendees master the academic knowledge working at their own pace on-line. 

Nine standard modules are offered going through the nine sections of our Sun Tzu's Play Book. Each module consists of approximately six hours of live training and ten hours of on-line training. The current modules include:

  • A Wise Person Does at First What a Fool Does at Last: Exercises for seeing competition, positioning, fighting, conflict, and success from a perspective that makes winning easy.

  • What We Know that Ain't So: Activities leveraging the strict limits of competitive knowledge and using the fact that plans collide in a competitive environment resulting in situations that no one planned. 

  • The Future Sucks and Why That's Great: Tools for finding business opportunities in mastering change rather than fearing it, a step-by-step process for living in the future.

  • Letting the Right Opportunities Pick You: Charting tools for comparing potential projects to understand their relative strength and weakness in advancing a competitive position.

  • Failure is not an Option but it is a Certainty: Activities and tools for finding success by minimizing mistakes and knowing how to fail productively.

  • It's Deja Vu All Over Again: Exercising in using speed in competition by recognizing the nine common strategic situations, adapting the proven responses to them, and doing only the right things at the right time.

  • The Legitimate Father of Invention: Tools for consistently creating innovations and the role of creativity in creating momentum.

  • He Who Has the Gold Makes the Rules: Practice in making successful claims because it isn't what you accomplish that gets rewarded, but what you claim. 

  • Paranoia Doesn't Mean They Aren't After You:  Activities that illustrate the various types of vulnerability to environmental forces and exercises for identifying those vulnerabilities for defense or attack.

Modules are designed to be presented in two or three sessions, held over successive days. Split sessions allow time for attendees to work finish various homework exercises. The issues or questions discovered while working through these assignments are discussed in the following session of the module.