Making Money By Speaking: The Spokesperson Strategy

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A winner of award-recognition in both career and business innovation by Foreword Magazine Book of the Year and Independent Publishers Book Awards respectively, this book explains in detail how to use the most powerful strategic method for personal success: getting up and speaking. This book explains how to become THE recognized expert in any field quickly, easily, and painless simply by putting yourself forward. It doesn't matter if you are afraid of speaking. The fact is that speaking works so well because virtually everyone is afraid at first. This book explains how easy it is to become a polished, confident speaker painlessly.

1 Success From Speaking--The Spokesperson Strategy: From Nobody to Somebody
2 Passion for an Audience--Your Positioning Strategy:From Boring to Soaring
3 Expertise That Is Interesting--Your Credibility Strategy: From Average to Expert
4 Assets to Promote--Your Sales Strategy: From Hours to Products
5 Key Steps Up in Audience--Your Growth Strategy: From Back Rooms to Boardrooms
6 Influence by Design--Your Presentation Strategy: From Surprise to Action
7 Nuts & Bolts of Operation--Your Professional Strategy: From Confusion to Organization
8 Game Plan for a Great Day--Your Event Strategy: From Setup to Sales

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I am in the middle of your Money Speaking book, and have been very impressed with the content. Also, I have been very impressed with the way that your book successfully achieves the goals that it asks the reader to adopt. I suppose that part of this effect can be described by the Buddhist Proverb: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear,” as the week prior to picking up your book I had started to seek out forums and clubs where I could speak. I have found your book to bring validation to the efforts that I have made so far. Even more importantly, it has provided useful information as to how I can “move from boring to soaring.” Many thanks,

Julia Young, PLLC - Strategic Legal and Business Counsel, Kirkland WA