Mastering Change "Boot Camp"

Learn to adapt to change by doing it!

Sun Tzu's strategy for creating winning positions is based upon leveraging the opportunities created by change. This workshop trains attendees use competitive changes to find business opportunities. Its focus is to teach attendees how to welcome and use change rather than fear and reject it.  This workshop usually consists of two sessions, taking place on consecutive days. It runs from four to six hour total class time. The longer workshop format allows attendees to perform real work addressing the current challenges they face everyday.

Our strategy workshops are designed for a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 84 attendees. During these sessions, attendees are divided into competitive teams of 5-7 people. Teams compete using a series of decision-making tools based on Sun Tzu's principles.

The tools introduced in the workshop are designed to be used by attendees in their everyday work after the workshop is over. This tools include:

  • The Change Audit is a voting tool designed to identify the key changes affecting the organization. After the workshop, attendees can use this tool working with their external "customers" to identify the most important changes affecting them.
  • The Openings Inventory is a matrix tool for spotting the potential opportunities hidden within change. The workshop session uses this tool to identify the key areas of opportunity. After the workshop, attendees can use this tool every day to develop an inventory of potential openings.
  • The Vision Construction Kit is a modeling tool for utilizing openings through action. During the workshop, this tool is used to develop potential projects. After the workshop, it provides a method for developing future projects and getting outside buy-in for those projects.
  • The Vision Testing Kit is a measuring tool for evaluating proposed projects for their relative value. This tool identifies the most practical and safest ways to advance an organization's position. After the workshop, attendees can use it to improve the viability of their proposed projects for extending the organization's potential.


In the workshop, these tools, their use, and their connection to Sun Tzu's strategic system are explained in a step-by-step process. About 80% of the session is spent by the teams actually using these tools to develop a work product. Teams then  show their work to the group as a whole. Each team's work is then evaluated using Sun Tzu's principles by the group as a whole.

This workshop is usually given on two consecutive days, allowing participants to perform "homework" between the sessions. The first day is spent on learning how to see the opportunities hidden in changes that at first seem threatening. The second day is spent transforming those hidden opportunities into different sets of actionable tasks using Sun Tzu's ideas for incremental success. The goal is not to create actual projects for your organization, but to illustrate the tools attendees can use to react to all changes more productively in the future.