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1. You Want to Think Like a Warrior

The "warrior mind" is a mind that looks at every situation as an opportunity. Our members are serious about facing challenges and winning success. They want to understand all the rules of good strategy, not just a few.

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For the last twenty years, we have been compiling information about competitive strategy into a definitive body of knowledge in our Sun Tzu's Play Book. In it, we make our Sun Tzu's Rules easy for you to apply to you everyday decisions.

3. You want a solution to a specific problem.

As a member, you can use can use our tools to find the rules you need to know now. You can get advise and direction for SOSI staff to find the information you need. You can also discuss the challenges that you face and get outside insight into them from other members of our community. Work with your friends in your team, peers in your local chapter, or directly with our training professionals.

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