Moving Terrorist Trials out of NY: Second Thoughts

We applaud the Obama administration's decision to move the terrorist trials out of New York, however, we must recognize what that decision says about the instincts of those in power. In the study of strategy, we have a saying:

A wise person does at first what a fool does at last.

In training people in using our rules,we continually emphasize that strategic skills are not simply better knowledge and analytical skills. All the research shows that most strategic decisions are made in the moment, on the basis of gut instinct. The original decision involving New York trials arises from the same mindset that decides to Mirandize the Christmas Bomber instead of questioning him. We don't always have time for second thoughts when it comes to strategy.

The average person immediately reacts to these decisions negatively because the average person understand the nature of the competitive environment of terrorism better than those like Holder and Obama, who, unfortunately, are those we have making these decisions for us.

Warrior's Rules: