New Testimonials

08/20/08 I'm a big fan of your books and blog and eager to learn your brilliant take on current events...I found your books through a Google search for "Ben Franklin Award" (I'm a publisher that recently made a submission) Talk about serendipity!...I can't tell you how much I enjoy the Golden Key to Strategy and 9 Formulas books. I try to read and re-read a few chapters every day. Steve Eunpu, LINX

08/20/08: I signed up for the three day trial and the annual Warrior Class course. I love it. In fact, I would like to upgrade during this trial time to the Full Strategy School. Miller, Stephen M Civ USAF

08/20/08 I am an English teacher in Jiangsu University, located in Zhenjiang. But my hometown is in Linyi, and one of the versions of Sun's work was found there...I am comparing several versions of Sun's Art of War, including your version...I find that it is a great translation. Li Jiajun Foreign Languages Department Jiangsu University

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