News Briefs

Deadline for September Strategy Trainers Meeting
If you want to attend our Trainer's Meeting in Las Vegas on the week of September 22, you must register by August 15th. You register using this item in your Institute membership account. To register, you must have an active Strategy Trainer's membership. The fee covers our cost for your continental breakfast, box lunch, and refreshments for coffee breaks at the meeting. The meeting will be held at the Harrah's conference center on the strip. It is centrally located and has a stop for the monorail. You can reach it easily within fifteen minutes via monorail from anywhere on the strip without renting a car or using taxis.

New Training Material
We will be introducing a wealth of new training material designed to change what we offer from a workshop into a complete line of courseware that you can support yourself giving over time. We detail in this material in article below. This material will be available initially only to Masters and those other trainers who attend the trainer meeting. The level of detail in this material only makes sense if you are dedicated to taking the time to master it. While are our original presentation material made more sense as additions to other forms of training that idea makes less and less sense.

Super Secret Project
I have been invited to take part in an exciting project involving popularizing Sun Tzu's methods in business. While not yet finalized, this opportunity is so interesting that it may take the study of Sun Tzu in business to a new level. It will, however, require the dedication of a large chunk of my time over the next year so certain other work, such as the Strategy Journal, may suffer. As the details get firmed up or fall apart, we will advise you about what is happening perhaps in the next couple of Journals if we can.

Sales Warrior Class Lessons Development Halted
Due to the feedback (and a lack of sales), we have halted our creation of Sales Warrior Lessons. We have heard from several sources that the format of these lessons is unsuitable for the temperament of most salespeople who are simply not this studious. We made a mistake in making the lessons longer and more detailed than original lessons and probably shouldn't have used text at all and instead used video and audio and a more interactive and entertaining environment. We will be changing. We will also be introducing other new training tools for sales people (and others) probably announcing availability in the next Journal.

New eLearning Software
We have purchase a package of software from a company called Articulate which will give all our on-line material a much more professional look and feel. The software converts PowerPoint shows to flash web animation and makes it extremely easy to add audio and interactive tests within the education flow. We will be gradually converting the Strategy School material to the new environment as soon as we resolve some technical issues with Warrior Class.

Serialization of New Sales Book
The two long sales articles in this Journal are taken from a new book we are developing for salespeople. This book is a salesperson adaptation of our 9 Formulas for Business Success book called 9 Formulas for Sales Success. This book will not be offered to the general book store market this year but used exclusively in our training program. We will be serializing at least some of it in upcoming Strategy Journals. The use of this book in our training program is explained in the following article

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