One Child Policy: Resource Mistakes

In a target-rich environment for examples of bad strategy, perhaps the worst idea currently being discussed in the worldwide adoption of China's one-child policy. Such foolishness comes out of the environmental meeting Copenhagen, where the goal is to have ideology to completely prevail over sound scientific thinking once and for all.

According to Sun Tzu's strategy, our greatest resource is the human mind. It is that creative mind that creates the value of all other resources. That is why countries like Singapore, with no apparent physical resources, and create much more value than entire continents, such as Africa, which seem to abound in physical resources (3.3 Opportunity Resources).

While all resources a inherently limited (3.1.1 Resource Limitations), the human mind working to strategically to create profitability constantly finds new ways to create value out of plentiful, undervalued resources (3.1.2 Strategic Profitability), limited only by the fact that we must bow to the laws of nature rather than ideology (3.2.1 Environmental Dominance).

Leftists and environmentalists see us as consumers and destroyers rather than as what we truly are, the creators of all value and wealth. The worst strategic decision China ever made was limiting its population. China's economic growth in recent years will hit a brick wall because of this decision, as an aging population has fewer and fewer creative new minds to support it.

Competitive Arenas: