Orientation Lecture with Basic Training Activities

You can see snippets of one of Gary's keynote addresses here.

Our introductory session, often presented as a meeting keynote, enables you and your group to see your strategic position in an entirely new way. These sessions can be designed any sized of audiences  and run from an hour to two hours. These programs come in a variety of "flavors," for different front-line groups: sales, marketing, customer support, etc.

An introductory session typically consists of an hour of actual lecture supported an number of audience exercises. Exercises are simple contests  among attendees. These simple strategic exercises demonstrate the power of the different aspects of Sun Tzu's methods.

In these sessions, you get an overview of how Sun Tzu's system of competitive analysis. This training has several goals:

  • First, meet the specific goals of your meeting or organization's situation, emphasizing the concepts of strategy that support your organization's competitive position.
  • Give the audience a new and powerful perspective on how easy it is to use better strategy in day-to-day decision-making.
  • Teach how to leverage the existing elements of your competitive situation to improve your organization's strategic position.

Before preparing a strategic analysis session, we discuss the audience's strategic challenges with key people organizing the event. Generally we talk with key decision-makers and to several typical attendees to get a clear perspective on what elements of Sun Tzu's system would be of the most benefit. In preparation, we ask a series of questions regarding the following:

  • Your organization's core philosophy

  • The changing conditions in your competitive environment

  • The key players on your competitive battleground

  • The types of decisions that the attendees must make and how a more adaptive approach would make them more effective.

  • The different methods used by attendees to execute their decisions