Perfection is the Media's Standard for America

My newest book applies the principles of The Art of War to the War on Terror. One of the main themes of this new book, due out 9/11 of this year, is that the real battleground is the media. The recent media storm over American humiliation of prisoners is a perfect example of the asymmetric nature of this war. Real death, torture, and horror by Muslim terrorists goes largely uncommented on. Millions can die at the hands of the National Islamic Front in Sudan and America never hears about it. Certainly the Islamic world and the UN don't complain. (The UN just named Sudan to their Human Rights Commission). However, let a few Americans do something stupid (embarrassing people, not killing them) and it is a front page horror story. A winning strategy in the War on Terror must address this bizarre reality when a few people humiliated by a few random American soldiers is a much more important news event than millions of people dying. Of course, perfects is the media's standard for the U.S. because that is the only standard we will never meet.