Positioning Mistakes: A Little Freezing in a Big Budget

Another day, another political strategic error. President Obama's proposed freeze a little federal spending demonstrates not one but two types of errors. From the liberal perspective, it uses a small action to send a large message that undermines the unity of the progressive moment, perception overwhelms reality (1.2 Subobjective Positions). From the conservative perspective, it demonstrates the futility of tackling overly large opportunities with ridiculously small forces (4.6.1 Spread-Out Conditions).

The core of every political position is a simple, clear mission (1.6 Mission Values). Positions are established by a history, first of statements and then of actions (1.1.1 Position Dynamics). After Obama's history of deficit spending over, a trillion this year, no one can take this level of freeze, billions over ten years start next year, seriously except for those who did not think that Obama was spending enough for which it is clear proof that Obama doesn't know what he is doing.

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