Problems of Technology through Young Eyes

This article in PajamaMedia immediately caught by eye because Sun Tzu's strategy teaches that the best way to get a good perspective on change is through "young eyes" (S-RULE 2.4.2). In examining the problems of technology from the perspective of preteen kids in Silicon Valley, we can see the future's opportunities (S-RULE 3.2.3). The six problems they cite with technology are:

  1. Time-waster
  2. Loss of motivation
  3. Addictive
  4. Second Hand Knowledge (as opposed to real life experience)
  5. Exposure (of self to predators)
  6. Disturbed Values

I note that all of these problems revolve around a common strategic theme: that one's life must have a mission (S-RULE 1.6). These suggests that there is a big opening in the teem market for values and goals, which is not surprising given the condition of our education and similar systems.

None of these problems would be problems at all if the purpose of our lives is merely to entertain ourselves, killing time in the most agreeable manner possible. But as one of my favorite song lyrics says:

If you're just killing time, it will kill you right back.