Publishing Plans For 2007

We are finalizing our publishing plans for 2007, since we need to tell our U.S. distributor what books we are coming out with in the Fall (the main publishing season) by the middle of this January. Last year we came out with five new books (three entirely new titles and two new editions of past works). That turned out to be much too aggressive of a schedule. We honored our commitments by getting the works out and we are proud of them all, but the publishing schedule left us little time to promote the books and do the publicity that we had planned. So this year, we are gearing back substantially, planning only three new titles, all of them new editions of existing titles. We do new editions every few years instead of just reprinting to continually improve on our most popular works. We had originally planned to offer a major new work on the mathematical basis for Sun Tzu's strategic principles called Powercurve, but we are rethinking that idea. I am still working on Powercurve but the more work I do, the less well suited its seems for the general market. We are thinking about limiting its release it as on-line content for our Library members, Strategy School members, and for use by the Institutes trainers. The material is really more suited for serious students of Sun Tzu's principles than for the casual readers the bookstore market is geared toward. I am also working on a Sun Tzu adpatation for politics, tenatively title, Political Warrior,, using our side-by-side adaptation format. This book will adapt Sun Tzu principles not only for those aspiring to office but for everyone involved in the political process, including those working in campaigns or donating money for both candidates and initiatives. We had thought about releasing this book this year, but it makes more sense to offer it in 2008, during the presidential election year. However, we may come out with an on-line release of that book this year, as well for those planning on working on in political campaigns in 2008.