SOSI Membership for Students, Military, Veterans, Law Enforcement, Firefighters and Seniors.

Price: $19.00

This membership is limited to:

  • current full-time students or teachers in high school or college.
  • current or past members of the armed forces
  • current full-time members of law enforcement agencies
  • current full-time firefighters.
  • those who are age 62 or older.

To qualify a special member, you must enter information about your status in your member Biography section and contact information for your organization in the Organization section. You should do this when you set up your membership account. You can edit this information at any time under Your Account > Edit > Member Information.

Special membership provides the same privileges of a full-membership: learning and networking opportunities, and knowledge exchange. Your fee covers membership for one year.

As a special member, you:

* access all the material about strategy on our site,
* can participate in all organization activities, programs and events
* can start your own Forum topics
* create your own strategy blog
* join Special Interest Group or Local Strategy Room
* create a Special Interest Group if your age and expertise qualify you
* get special pricing on all Institute strategy books, audios, and videos
* get special pricing on STAR Training program

* If your special status cannot be verified from the information that you provide, we will suspend your membership until we get verification information.