SOSI Organizational Memberships


Regardless of your organization’s size, the Strategy Institute has memberships to provide unlimited access to information, multiple networking opportunities, professional development tools, and solutions to help your organization answer quality questions and to reach its goals.

The Institute has three types of organizational memberships: Site, Enterprise, and K-12. With all that the Institute has to offer, you are sure to find the benefits that best fit your organization!

Site Membership

Site Membership makes your organization part of a worldwide strategy community that seeks to use Adaptive Response Techniques to make the world a better place.

  • Membership is for one business location/site.
  • Benefits of full membership are available to all employees at that location.
  • Annual membership fee is $800.*

Enterprise Membership

Enterprise Membership provides your organization's people with access to knowledge and skills necessary to make better competitive decisions every day.

  • Membership is for multiple locations/sites worldwide
  • Benefits are available to all employees at all locations.
  • Annual membership fee is $18,000.*
K-12 Membership

K-12 Membership is for schools and districts that seek quality management tools, technologies, systems, and business process improvements.

*SOSI member dues are for one year and subject to change without notice.


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