SOSI'S Play Book Training

The Four E's of Learning

We call the various levels of learning the principles of strategy the four E's:

Exploration, Education, Exercise, and Expertise.

  • Exploration shows the

    scope and vaue of these principles.
  • Education is learning

    these principles academically.
  • Exercise develops skills in using these principles automatically.

  • Expertise is practical experience in successfully applying these principles.

Learn more about what these components entail in this quick Flash Show on our Training Stages.

The Nine Skills We Teach

You learn nine valuable skills in the Institute's

program. Each has a separate section our Sun Tzu's Play Book (S-RULE).

  1. Strategic Positioning
  2. Developing Perspective
  3. Identifying Opportunities
  4. Leveraging Probability
  5. Minimizing Mistakes
  6. Situation Response
  7. Creating Momentum
  8. Winning Rewards
  9. Recognizing Vulnerability:

Learn more in this Flash Show on our Skills Pyramid.

For a detailed list of the principles in each of these area, you can review the Play Book Outline here.

Five Stages of Strategic Maturity

SOSI recognized five levels of expertise in mastering these skills.

  1. Apprentice: Familiar

  2. Explorer,

  3. Professional,

  4. Expert

  5. Master

We explain the needs and benefits of each level in this Flash show on the Maturity Model.


You will find the

books, CDs, and DVDs for Stage One at

the Institute Catalog and Promotions

, the on-line courseware for Stage Two and Three at our on-line Strategy School, and our on-site workshops for Stage Three at On-Site Training.

If you want to become part of our organization teaching these skills, visit our pages on Trainer Licensing.