A Strategy Book on Politics

Are reader asks:
When can we expect your book on Sun Tzu and political strategy?
My policy in general is not to write a book, which I charge for, about anything that I don't have years of successful experience in doing. In technical terms, if I don't know the ground, the climate, etc. I really can't in justice to a book. Though I am working on such a book, I would like to get more experience in that area and ideally find a co-author that is a successful politician or campaign adviser. However, I do use several examples from politics to make points about strategy in my presentations because the situations, especially in presidential politics, are so well know. The Golden Key seminar, which should be out in a few weeks, will have a major example from the Bush/Kerry race. I also have a seminar that I did for local political candidates, that highlights the common mistakes politicians make in their campaigns. That seminar is available to our students at the Strategy School and to our licensed trainers on the Trainer's website. When I get time, I wil add the slides to it and make it a video. And, of course, I do make political observations for free on this blog. At least the price is right.