StrateSition Board Game -- A Board Game Teaching Developing Positions

Price: $1.99

The StrateSition Board Game is an exciting board game where two to six players compete for strategic position, forcing opposing players to surrender. The game is fast, fun, and easy to play, but designed to teach very real principles of strategy.

The purpose of the game is to provide a fun, fast, and expandable format for learning the principles of the Science of Strategy. It provides both objective experience in terms of winning the game and drill for learning the names of various key strategic concepts.

The object of the game is to force all other players to surrender. This is done by controlling different strategic situations. Players pay a penalty when they land in a situation controlled by another player. The greater a player’s control, the heavier the penalty that other player’s pay. When players can no longer afford to pay the Penalty, they must Surrender.

THIS BOARD GAME REQUIRES ASSEMBLY. It is designed as a PDF download for easy distribution. The downloaded pages must printed, the game board assembled, the game cards cut apart. Other common items are used for the game pieces. See detailed description below.

The PDF download consists of:


Game Assembly Instructions
Game Rules
Reward Card Backs
Reward Cards
Event Card Backs
Event Cards
StrateSition Game Board
The StrateSition Game Board: The graphic is designed to produce a game board that is18 inches by 18 inches. Print the PDF directly from Acrobat. On the Print dialog box, under Page Handling – Page Scaling, select “Tile Large Pages” from the pull-down menu. This will cause the program to print several pages that can be assembled into a complete board. The board is designed to be printed in color, but it is not necessary for game play. After printing, paste the resulting pages onto an 18 x 18 piece of cardboard.
Reward and Event Game Cards: Cards are designed to print on 8 ½ x 11 inch sheets. Separate PDFs pages are provided for the front and back of each type of card. Print on heavier paper or card stock for easier play if available. Each sheet is designed to be cut into nine cards.
Pair of Dice (not provided): Use any standard set of six sided die.
Money Tokens (not provided): These are usually white poker chips, but any small item can be used including toothpicks, pieces of paper or pennies. A minimum of 20 Tokens is needed for each player at the beginning of the game. The number of additional Tokens can be limited to any number the players agree upon.
Position Flags (not provided): These are usually colored poker chips, but any small, flat, stackable item in different colors can be used (pieces of paper, cloth, or coins). A different color or denomination (usually red, green, blue, black poker chips) is needed to identify each player’s different Flags. A minimum of 20 Flags is needed for each player at the beginning of the game but the number of additional Tokens per player can be limited to any number the players agree upon.
Player Markers (not provided): These identify each player’s current position moving around the board. Any small item--thimbles, jewelry, coins, chess pieces--can be used. All that is required is that each player uses a different item to identify them.
Bank (not provided): A small container of any type for holding additional Money Tokens.