StrateUnity Card Game -- A Card Game Matching Resources and Opportunities

Price: $1.99

StratUnity is a simple card game consisting of a deck of 99 cards. It takes virtually no training to master since all the rules are written on the cards that are played. The game is designed to duplicate the dynamic nature of opportunities in competitive environments. The game gives the players complete control over all elements of the game including its rules.

This game is sold as a PDF. You download the file and print the cards (on business card stock or any heavy paper stock) and cut them out yourself. All pages are 8.5" X 11.

This game teaches several key lessons about the nature of strategic opportunities. It trains player to think of their environment as a continually shifting world of opportunities, resources, rules, barriers, and events. The players discover these elements by drawing and change their strategic situation by playing cards in competition with one another. As in real life, players must match their limited resources to the current opportunity in order to win.

The complete rules for the game are shown below.

StratUnity Card Game Rules

Object: The object of the game is to develop a position that takes advantage of the current opportunity.

Number of Players: 2-6.


  • Place the two Starting Rules cards in the middle of the table with a space for on the Opportunity card between them. New rules will be placed to the right and left of these two cards. All rules on the board are in force.
  • At the beginning of the game, there is no Opportunity card in play, but when one is played, it is placed in the middle of the table between the two rule cards.
  • Shuffle the remaining cards and deal three cards to each player.
  • Put the remaining cards face down in the middle of the table above or below one of the Starting Rules cards. This is the Future pile from which cards will be drawn.
  • At the beginning of the game, there is no discard pile, but cards are discarded in a pile next to the Future Pile and next the second Starting Rules card. This is the History pile.
  • The area on the table in front of each Player is their Developed Position, where their Resources and Barriers are exposed to other players.

1.Changes the Rules,

3.Requires the performance of a Climate Event, or

1.Draw the number of cards according to the current Draw Rule.

3.Play the number of Ground Rules, Opportunity, Climate Event, or Ground Resource cards currently indicated by the current Play Rule.

5.Discard the card in your hand down to your current Hidden Position Limit (if any).

·Creating you own new Ground Rules cads: Feel free to add you own new Rules. You can offer new variations of existing rules or invent completely new ones changing the way cards are Drawn, Played, Limited and what is required to declare Victory.

Example: Create a new card that requires at least on “Resource of the Ground” to declare Victory even if it is not required by the current Opportunity.

·Play teams (teams of two): Team members play opposite of each other. Start with the “More Opportunity Rule” in effect, but with a new Rule that BOTH Opportunities must be met to declare Victory. During their turn, players can play Resources on either team members Developed Position to satisfy the current Opportunities. Barriers can only be played on the Position of the player who gets it.