Sun Tzu's Alchemy PC Game - a fun game using your PC to learn the Art of War's concepts

Price: $3.99

The goal of Sun Tzu's Strategic Alchemy is to teach you the basic concepts of Sun Tzu's The Art of War in a new challenging, fun way. You learn by generating over 100 elements starting with combining the five basic strategic elements described on the book's first page.  As you discover elements, their use in real life competition is explained with quotes from Sun Tzu and using the element definitions. You are awarded Experience Points (XP) as you discover elements and win awards. As your XP rises, so does your rank as a Strategic Alchemist, from Novice to Master. Win awards for finding all the elements in a given class.  

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The product is delivered as a download of a software installation file. You can download either as an executable file or a zip file. After you purchase the file, the product's files appear in your user account's Files download directory.