Sun Tzu's The Art of War Plus The Art of Love: Winning Romantic Battles

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If you want a new perspective on the challenges of finding and keeping a romantic relationship, this is the book for you.Two books in one, this book contains the complete translation of 'The Art of War" plus a line-by-line adaptation for using his competitive system in dealing with romantic relationships.

The complete text of The Art of War is presented one stanza at a time with our "Art of Love" line-by-line adaptation following. The book's Foreword and Introduction explain the basics of Sun Tzu's system in terms dealing with the finding and maintaining romantic relationships. Following Sun Tzu’s text exactly, this book lays out an effective strategy for: finding the right romantic partner, attracting that person, overcoming friction in the relationship, knowing when to make a commitment, improving communication, and keeping the romance alive.

This book is NOT based upon fragmentary public domain translation of Sun Tzu but Gary Gagliardi's award winning 2001 translation that is used in the study of Sun Tzu around the world.