We hear regularly from those who are using our products to improve their lives. We user to update this list weekly, but it seems pretty long already. We have put parts of these stories together into specific categories in our success story articles. This page shows the testimonials in the order we receive them, adding new ones as we get the chance.

I'm a big fan of your books and blog and eager to learn your brilliant take on current events...I found your books through a Google search for "Ben Franklin Award" (I'm a publisher that recently made a submission) Talk about serendipity!...I can't tell you how much I enjoy the Golden Key to Strategy and 9 Formulas books. I try to read and re-read a few chapters every day. Steve Eunpu, LINX

I signed up for the three day trial and the annual Warrior Class course. I love it. In fact, I would like to upgrade during this trial time to the Full Strategy School. Miller, Stephen M Civ USAF

I am an English teacher in Jiangsu University, located in Zhenjiang. But my hometown is in Linyi, and one of the versions of Sun's work was found there...I am comparing several versions of Sun's Art of War, including your version...I find that it is a great translation. Li Jiajun Foreign Languages Department Jiangsu University

Your translation of the Art of War is amazing and I have recommended it to countless people at my office. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge. Matt Morales Marketing Director

You will be pleased to know that the book [Sales Warrior] has already made a big difference to my approach. I know that inherently I am a good sales person, but I have certain flaws that if they run unchecked can wreck any sale. My saving grace has always been that no one can match my product/industry knowledge. This makes up for poor salesmanship, but certainly takes the ease out of my sales. I had a few hard nuts today, which I was able to make easy by recognizing that I don’t have to close them today. In every case I walked away with a positive result and I know my performance today will stand me in good stead for all those deals in the future. If I can learn and practice the methodologies every day, I know I will be successful! Thanks for a very helpful and stimulating book! Matthew Spagnoletti, Business Development Manager, GhostPractice

I recently returned to my karate training after a 20 year break. Whilst reading up all things martial arts I noticed several references to the art of war. At about the same time I became involved in a vicious and ongoing legal battle with my employers regarding terms and conditions which will soon be heard in the High Court in London. Whilst researching various matters regarding this, I again stumbled across references to this text and when the CEO of the company I work for started to use some very cryptic responses to some of our questions (ramblings about fortified cities) I thought to my self "I bet I know which book you have swallowed" So I got hold of a copy and everything became clear (well clearer). I wish I had studied it in more depth from the start. Come to think of it I wish I had studied it years ago. We would have certainly taken a different stance from the start and been less keen to enter into this "protracted campaign" which is certainly draining our resources. Having said that, now we have started to employ some basic principles we are starting to work things our way and the lessons I am beginning to learn will stay with me and be put into play for every situation I face in future wether it be a massive industrial action or a one on one Karate bout...Many many thanks Mick Roddy

Anyway, I’ve purchased your book titled “Sun Tzu’s – The Art Of War Plus The Ancient Chinese Revealed”. I find that book very inspiring, and I must say, I’m beginning to learn a great many things from it. George Lim, Singapore.

I would like to begin by thanking you for this wonderful gift. I have had quite a few people in my family who fought in many wars to confirm our freedom and way of life. I myself, even after suffering a terrible accident of losing my left lower leg, am considering a life in the Armed Force of Canada. I have always been as long as I can remember been interested in war and its' history, and studying the "bible of warfare" The Art of war. I am getting a head start so to speak, before a fulltime commitment in the forces, as well how much this book relates in general day to day life. I am now gaining and furthering my options and understanding of what, how, and when other obvious choices you sometime face, this book gives you more larger and effective choices then without this priceless and effective knowledge. Thank again my friend for this gift. Colin M.

07/07/08 I believe it was my brother, about 10 years ago, who told me about the Art of War. I have read the book several times, but I have gained much more understanding in studying your lessons. Very nice...Keep up the good work. Josh Horner

For years I've had an interest in Sun Tzu's writings and I have purchased other translations...I looked at different versions of The Art of War and took the opportunity to purchase your translation. I am glad I did. Excellent concept and realization of the production. Michael Berger Critical Image Ltd.

I have been reading some of your books obsessively for about a year now and I decided to take a break from it all for some time. I just wanted to say that the information I have gathered from your books and blog is awesome! These are truly some of the most important books I have ever read. Michael Aparicio

I picked up "The Art of Sales, The Art of War" and really enjoyed it. I thought the parallelisms were insightful. I then ran across your website while researching for other versions. That book has become my strategic foundation for my sales career. Michael Hendrick

I joined the private sector in 2005 as a salesman and the only book I bought was your Art of Sales/Art of War. I trained myself with your book as my only aid. I wrote 18 million dollars of new business in 2.5 yrs. I am now going to start my own business and your book (The of business) will be my only training aid....thanks, scott perry

In regards to your program - WOW! I only wish that i could read and comprehend faster. Your program (book & web) are great! i will be learning from your books & site for years to come. You have designed a product that definitely wins out over everyone else...I purchased the Sales Warrior because of the design of the book, the fact it contained the Art of War, and the MP3 download. I will continue to purchase your books (just ordered 2 more from your web site a couple of days ago). I work for Aflac and AIG (keeps me busy). I love your site. Michael Ferguson

I am Yin Min Phyo who is a NUS [National University of Singapore] MBA candidate and also a Burmese...Luckily, in our MBA program, your book [Warrior Marketing] is one of our recommended books for Competitive Marketing Strategy. I've just finished some of the chapters of your book. I am so interested in it. The book is simple but can give me deeply thoughts. I do really appreciate you for your translation. Thanks, Yin Min

I have been re-focusing my life after closing an unsuccessful business. When I found your translation of the work with regards to The Sales Warrior at Chapters here in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, it was a perfect fit. I purchased it instantly. I am focusing more on a sales business now and I am positive your book will help. I have read it through already once. I am now starting to focus on the finer details and concepts. Thank you for such a great book. Don Mikkola

I found your book at a Barnes & Noble. I have really enjoyed it and have learned a lot already. Good job! ...The book is Art of War for Sales Warriors. I have set up e-flash cards at a web site so that I can learn Sun Tzu's terms. I have really gotten a lot out of this. David Cochron

The reason I am so sold on the Nine Formulas approach is because it works. I took Gary's book and put it to work on a new business last year. I am doing everything I can to be Sun Tzu and make strategic decisions based on the Nine Formulas, even when I personally don't think it's a good idea. I have not had any problems yet. We started this business from complete scratch, nothing, nada. Now we have grown to the point where we need to bring in more physicians (it's a medical business) and the income has outshined everything else we have done in our careers. Not only this, our overhead is almost zero. We spend less per month in overhead than can be imagined. Our business model is also praised at conferences where others want to do it but are terrified to try because it is so counter intuitive it simply doesn't make sense. Yet, it works. During this process I emailed Gary for ideas and checks on reality to make sure I was not interpreting things wrongly. I have to tell you, any business, including SOSI, that follows the Nine Formulas will be successful. At first, we also had "enemies" that sought to stop us. In keeping with Sun Tzu's approach to win without battle we quickly used strategy to show them how us winning was also them winning. Our hardest battle was helping them understand this was not a trick. Now we have former enemies helping us to succeed. They actually want us to do well. If we had simply focused on the "selling" aspect we may have brought in customers but we might have ignored the bigger picture of building a strategic business and things simply would not have worked out as well. Allan Elder, Professor, UC Irvine

I have been a student of warfare and its art and principles for nearly 20 years. Your translation has offered me many great insights in strategic leadership both in business and ministry... I believe God is no stranger to strategy and in fact He is the author of it. I also believe He gave it to man to benefit all life and mankind! Hal H Sacks

As the top media salesperson in our market, I am always on the lookout for new ideas and information that will help me to continue to grow... Intellectually, it [Sales Warrior] is much more challenging than most books I have read. So far I have found a few nuggets of truth and implemented a few ideas. It’s still too early to tell what type of success they will bring, but I am confident that book has more than paid for itself. I hope to be able to re-read it again soon so that I can take some more time to analyze all of the info you have included. The MP3 book was a pleasant surprise. Thanks for including it! Jonas (Joe) Schmitter, Columbia, MO

OK, so here's another problem... Since implementing your principles into my business and sales processes I'm so busy I don't have time to do my lessons. I'm 60 years old, been a salesman all my life, but learned some incredibly valuable lessons from The Warrior Class. If I were to point to one, it would be the wisdom of fighting skirmishes, not full fledged battles. Also I now keep a journal entry denoting changes in my position, using a simple plus 1, minus one, or zero. I find this helps my mental attitude and gives a sense of accomplishment during a long sales cycle. Ken Welch eCompliance Consultant

I am interested in Sun Tzu many years ago. I read many translations in Thai language then I read English translations... I wanted to know deeper, but it seemed hopeless to me at the time because I don't know Chinese. Your book The Art of War plus The Ancient Chinese Revealed and many internet sites now make my dream alive. I take some of my spare time to compare the text, read commentators and take my own note of many possibilities of interpretation...I am not agree to all of your interpretations but I respect your work. It is very original and opens my eyes in many ways. You are a man who can use Sun Tzu idea in the real world, so I take your work seriously. I hope you all the success and happiness in the world. Name Withheld by Request, Thailand

I...picked up your book on Management and Leadership. Finished it in 24 hr., very insightful and was easily translatable for union application. It was worth twice what I paid for it for what I got out of it. In Solidarity, A. Jay Howard Local Chairman & Legislative Assistant National Conference of Fireman & Oilers System Counsel # 6

I am in to Sun Tzu for a long time because i am really interest in Chinese method of management. Moreover, my dedication while I was in college all about Sun Tzu. When I have found your book translate in Thai at Book Store then I follow to buy the whole series of your book which I have 5 of them already. Piyasintu Ettumrong, Thailand

I recently got my very first job... i was totally overwhelmed by the totally different environment of the corporate world as opposed to the country club atmosphere of my college days. i was failing, making mistakes at every turn...so i searched the web trying to find help in decyphering what sun tzu was saying. and so, that's how i found your site...and the warrior classes are a great help. thanks so much... now, i am able to enjoy work and life more because slowly i am trying to change the way i think to that of a true student of strategy. Iniibig ko ang Pilipinas

I've been interested in Sun Tzu for more than 10 years. Your books are one of my favourite. I am so passionate with strategy study which Sun Tzu is one of master pieces. For you useful books, it helps me out to understand Sun Tzu more and more. God bless you Mr. Gagliardi. Thitapat (Joe) Intharasakul

Last year I saw a copy of one of your books..."The Art of War plus The Art of Sales"... it struck a chord, it filled a need, and that's why I picked it up. About a week ago I found what appeared to be a different version of the same text (...for the Sales Warrior). I liked the additional notes in the margins of the book, so I bought it...Over the past few years I've been helping people at my company master our sales process. One thing I've observed time and time again is that people try to force the sales process onto the situation. In our training classes, I try to develop an awareness that each situation is unique, and that how you apply the process is determined by your knowledge of the current situation. Sun Tzu's teachings plus your sales interpretation have been most helpful. Charlie Cook. Sales Training Manager, ifm efector inc.

I recently bought your DVD's (the Amazing Secrets Seminar and the Keys to Strategy). I wanted to tell you that they have helped me understand some aspects of the book that were a little unclear to me. Dan King, Baltimore, Maryland

When I was at college in China and I was so interested in Sun Tzu and then I moved to the USA after I got Ph.D from Beijing University...One day when I went to the bookstore nearby (Barnes Noble) and I was so surprised to find this book with its English translation. It was such a good job that you have done to spread the idea of a old Chinese to the world. This is a wonderful book which tells people of how to succeed in their career. For me it provides tips of how to become a great professor in science...it is great enough to deliver to many people worldwide. Sam Guo, Harvard

I found your work especially helpful because it conveys, in readily understood terms, the principles in the Art of War - such as positioning, leverage, etc. One book in particular of yours, the Warrior Class: 306 Lessons in Strategy, is most helpful...Would you believe my eldest children (aged 5,6,8) quiz each other from the Warrior Class?...thank you once again for the excellent work you are doing...Dave Harper

I have read Sun Tzu's work and it's helped in my personal life as well as professional life. This prompted me to study it in a more structured way... Incidentally, the program you have devised is very good and it is helping me immensely. Ilyas Saddique Analyst Programmer

Your site and books also portray a true and insightful picture (in fact the most authentic) among many charlatans who reel out tomes on the subject for pelf and penny. Shreeram Balijepalli, BComm, MBA(USA)

As I read through your translation, I felt that I understood his [Sun Tzu's] work better and felt that other versions include too many excerpts from other people and confuse the reader more, making the reader not understand Tzu's original work for what it is. I thank you for a great translation of Tzu's work and I hope that many other people can enjoy your translation as I have. Edwin Fuentes

I got interested in strategy after becoming a member of Australian Institute of Management Sydney. Recently I bought the 9 formulas and a book on speaking by you. I have got several of your books. 360 Lessons is another. Also the website is good...Your blogg is interesting as well. Muthu Palaniappan

I wrote this email because I think your self help approach adds to the self help books and self help systems found today. It is a new and novel approach. I have read a number of self help books, reviewed a few self help systems, even helped (in the areas of psychological analysis and clinical psychology) a few people write some of there own self help books...but I tend to not look at them anymore because after a person has read a few they become redundant. But for some reason your course stuck out as seeming different...I would also like to express my thanks for the good job done on the audio and written form of "The Art of War." Thank you for your time and have a great day. Bill Kopp

After reading and implementing just a few of Sun Tzu’s suggestions I have already noticed an improvement, and so have my teachers, employers, etc. I did not realize that The Art of War would have such a significant impact on my life. Thank you so much! Edward Forgacs

Since I have discovered it [your site], I have made no fewer than 20 referrals. I think the work you do is essential! Please keep up the great work. John Mason, Associate Dean, Morehouse College

I own and manage a small business and I wanted more knowledge on selling...So far the information has been helpful and believe it or not, sales has almost doubled! Ashley Alexis

I heard you on the Coast to Coast Radio show a couple of years ago AND within a few days ordered two of your books and read them cover to cover...Any plans on visiting Coast to Coast again? Thanks for your work! Ron Smith

I have used the strategies and philosophies for many years to help me earn millions and to successfully guide thousands. I have a hardcopy of your book [Art of War Ancient Chinese Revealed] in my library and have been recommending it for years... Dave Gerhardt, Biopro

I purchased and read your book on "The Art of War Plus Warrior Marketing", as well as the older version "The Art of War Plus the Art of Marketing" (I have both). I'm also a regular reader of your blog (which is one of my favorite blogs)! I was fascinated also to read an article about how you used strategies from "The Art of War" to grown FourGen software... What I like very much is that you have proven that you've "walked the walk", and you don't just "talk the talk"! I'm planning to soon buy a copy of your "Golden Key to Strategy" and your "Nine Formulas For Business Success". (I haven't seen them in the bookstores locally, unlike your "Art of War" translations, so I'll have to order them.) I've enjoyed your articles on these topics... I definitely plan to get the published books though for more in-depth insights.I'm also fascinated by your other materials and products, and plan to look into them as well in future...Best wishes, Dien Rice

I plan on reading your book [Sales Warrior] intently and absorb it's contents and put them into practice asap. It is very insightful and hard to put down once you start reading. I appreciate your work tremendously! Pedro M. Gomez, AFLAC

I picked up a copy of your book "The Art of Management" and began applying it to my career. The rewards were instantaneous. I keep that book on my desk at all times for reference. I preach it to my fiancé and friends. It has helped in many situations!!! Gerald Verno

I actually own a copy of one of your books... Art of War - Art of Career Building...its a great book and its No. 3 on my list of books (next to The Purpose Driven Life and the Holy Bible) of course. Oral Gomez

Hello Gary, My last job was [...] so the book I am reading is the "Management Warrior". My favorite chapter was 7 "internal politics". It is amazing how much of my time (well paid) was spent on it and that in reality it was all wasted. But sometimes you have to "fight battles", the most interesting part would be to know how to really avoid them. As you move up the corporate ladder, you are forced to play more and more politics, and for an entrepreneur like myself it is the hardest part cause I feel like its all a wasted time. Bohdan Chac

I would personally wish to pass onto you how grateful I am for your work in your book [Sales Warrior]. I have found it has stimulated many thoughts and I am in the process of converting these thoughts into actions based on teachings from the book...I own and operate 3 businesses here in Australia and strategy has been a key component to staying ahead of the pack. Denis Crema, Denor Group

I first became interested in Sun Tzu's work in 1990 while looking to enhance my play of a war game called Axis & Allies. I didn’t really understand The Art of War at that time...I needed to go back to the master and reread his text with older more experienced eyes. I found your free PDF at the Science of Strategy and then bought the Golden Keys to Strategy. Eureka! I now had a tight cohesive framework to base my methods on. I overlaid your translation onto the game and wrote a set of guidelines that Axis & Allies players could understand. We have virtually ended arguments and frustrations like "team such & such will always win" and "that nation is too powerful to attack". The next step is to apply the principles found in The Art of War to my career and personal life Joseph Norris

02/02/08 I am a technical person doing some marketing work, an area in which I do not have a huge background. I got The Art of War plus The Art of Marketing from my local library. I loved the way it blends a very different Eastern way with the challenges of our modern world. I bought the book from Amazon a couple of days ago. I look forward to using more of the online products and services from your site as my journey continues…Dave Indeck

I now have a new management position with a young progressive company, and the CEO of the company lives and breathes this book. He just implemented a plan for us to once a month write a report based upon (5) principles from this book...As for your material, it is the best I have found. Very well written, explained and discussed. Kevin Morris, C&L Companies


I was impress with the translation you have done for Sun Tzu studies. Although I am Chinese, I personally find it able to get to understand more about Sun Tze in your explanation. Really working something to make it as practice in my work environment. Lim Chek Fei

01/28/07 I have bought your book focused on small companies. This book is helping me a lot on Sun Tzu strategy. Thank you for your work. Sergio W Fiore

After reading though the "Art of War" several times...I decided to try your Free courses to see if it would be something I would be interested in ... All I can say is WOW! I've been told by many people that I have a gift for training leaders and an effective communication style. Just what I learned so far though has shown me a better and more effective way of training. Tim Erickson

I just finished reading The Art Of War Plus The Warriors Apprentice. Fantastic:) Loved it! Rodney King MGCP;TAIS; Adv Stress Man; Certified Life Coach

I have been studying martial arts for 20 years. I hold a 4th degree black belt in TaeKwonDo. I've studied many books on the various translations of Art of War. Your set is the best as it arms us with the vocabulary of strategy and a way to understand what is happening in a chaotic world around us. Its daily reading for me now! Any free time I have I spend on your [StrategySchool] material. I wish I had come across your books [Golden Key] earlier. One of my goals is (as is articulated in your material) to make my reactions to changing environments fast and accurate. Ratinder Paul Singh Ahuja, Ph.D. CTO, Reconnex Corp.

I've been enjoying The Art of the Sales Warrior immensely...I've been interested in Sun Tzu since I was a teenager and read the Art of War, along with The Book of Five Rings and Hagakure, as part of my studies in the martial arts. I've recently started on a new career path as a real estate agent and was looking for a copy of The Art of War for my boss as a Christmas present when I came upon your book. They only had one copy in the shop, so I'm ashamed to say I got your book and the boss got the plain vanilla version! Still, if he shows an interest you can count on another purchase and I'd imagine that I'll probably take a few other titles over time as well. I don't know if you plan to do any seminars in Australia in the future, but if you do, please count me in. Jake Peters

01/06/08 I recently got one of your books "The Art of War for the management warrior" from my friend...I really feel that this book came at the right time. I was kind of trying to find a way to better my position in corporate world. I am not too good a politician and found myself trapped into corporate politics for no good reason. After understanding the difference between planning and strategy, I was able to find out where I was wrong. I also agree with your idea of reading this book at least once in an year. Thanks for writing such a great book. Five star from my side. Amit Gupta

01/04/08 Hi Gary, a couple of years ago I was searching the web for information on strategy and came across your website sciencenceofstrategy.com. I saw the Art of War books and remembered that it was on the Chief of Staff of the Army's recommended reading list. So, I bought three books, the amazing secrets, the 360 lessons and one other. I love the books. As a soldier and a marketing manager I find the methodology very sound and useful. I recently went back and viewed the CD you sent along with the books to gain some additional insight into a career decision that I am going through now. There are lots of strategy models out there, but Sun Tzu's model is the one I have gravitated to over the last year. Keith A. Cerci, MAJ RES ODCSPER

01/03/08 Hello Gary - I bought your book - make money speaking. I am just about done reading it and it is great. I have done a lot of speaking over the years, but not to make money. I am involved in a little MLM business and have always thought the presentations could be better. I am developing one now, using all of you ideas from the book. Pete Sheridan

01/03/08 This morning I downloaded and watched the first set of videos [from the Strategy School] and I am absolutely amazed. Before xmas I read Sun Tzu on recommendation from a friend. I knew there was something deep in this but I just could not see how to apply it. I searched the net a found your site. I read your free version and it made a lot more sense but still could not totally grasp it. Today I watched these videos and it as though Gary has come up to me and said “hey you use binoculars this way round”! WOW! I can now see the whole business environment, and life’s stuff in a totally new perspective! I was once in business on track for my 1st million, purely by hard work and flying by the seat of my pants, I became distracted and disillusioned. Never quite got back on that track although I knew I would someday. Between then and now it has been very frustrating and energy draining knowing that the ability and potential is there but not quite being able to get it together. Now feeling quietly excited about all the opportunity out that is out there. And the fact that I now have a system (almost) that I can apply. I could waffle more but I just wanted to say thank you to both for making this information available and understandable. Mike Whitehouse

Got interested in AOW about two years ago. Saw your book AOW & Marketing at Barne's & Noble's. Read a few pages.-- bought it-- loved it. The [Strategy School] training is great -- the real deal. Not like the general hype. Bill Jordan, Bill Jordan Marketing

Hi Gary, I came across your book [Management Warrior] is from Changi Airport in S'pore. What my interested in Sun Tzu where I found like you are a foreigner why more understand than Chinese. Therefore, its push me to reading what your thought and wrote. Obviously, you're so wonderful and excellent in Sun Tzu study. I love it and will keep any comment to share with you. Thanks! Dandy Yeh

I just picked up the book (Sales Warrior) at Barnes and Noble. I read several books a month, it looked interesting because I had read the Art of War while I was in the Marine Corp. Your adaptation of combat situations to real world sales is fantastic. Thank you for revealing what would of been a well kept secret. Steven Testa

Hi, Gary, Thank you - the [Warrior Class] lessons and the course are fabulous!! I am addicted...Fortunately for me, my job allows me to spend many hours each day online. So what normally takes weeks I can do in days. Most days I spend 4 - 6 hours studying. I have found already that Sun Tzu and you have changed my way of thinking. Many positive things are coming from this for me, and I envision a brighter future. Lawrence Healy

I really appreciate your going above and beyond to make sure I was happy with my order. Your book [Amazing Secrets] is awesome. I've been studying AOW for around two years and your translation, commentary and especially the diagrams really help explain the concepts. I'm sure I will be back to get your other two books of the series.:) Thanks again, Jeff S.

The the [Warrior Class] lessons are fantastic - in content and the method and format of teaching - TOP NOTCH ! Joshua Logan, Dayton NV

The "Making Money Speaking" book is outstanding! I'm on page 110. I want to learn how to get many more speaking gigs and start to make money! Your book is a great help...The money is really great, I just wish I knew how to land more of these gigs! Scott Taylor, TaylorMade Marketing, and FastPath Coaching

I went to Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California, took Chinese (Mandarin). That was in 1968. I was stationed throughout the Far East while in the Navy. After getting out, I got an MA in Oriental Studies, with a concentration in modern Chinese history. During that time, I studied Chinese at National Taiwan University, again concentrating in modern Chinese history and language. Following that I was a China analyst in the Intelligence Community and in the Navy Reserves, and served briefly as a deputy Naval liaison officer in Hong Kong. My interest in China is long and personal. Over the past several years, I’ve kind of drifted away from it, but I visited the International Spy Museum the other day and saw your book. I very much like the side by side format, with the literal translation across from the more polished English. In addition, my younger son is a martial arts instructor in the Marine Corps and the head of the Marines’ Martial Arts Center of Excellence, LtCol Joseph Shusko, USMC (ret), refers to The Art of War a lot. Having had my scholastic head in modern China, I never really read the original Chinese version, and only referred to it now and again whenever Mao’s Chinese Revolution came up or I had a need to refer to Mao’s tactics in the countryside prior to 1949. When I saw the book the other day, I just had to pick it up. I’ve been reading it nightly – the Chinese and the English – and it has renewed my interest in studying Chinese again. (My classical Chinese is woefully inadequate, however, and I need to dig out some of my reference books from grad school, especially the ones dealing with “Xu Zi,” those pesky punctuation characters). Dick Buxton

I am going through the Warrior Classes, and as I learn, I find myself getting addicted to Sun Tzu. I've never imagined that it would be that powerful!! Mohamed Tohami

I have recently returned to the National Guard and I am preparing for officer candidacy school. I thought I would do a little reading before I got into that environment. I have learned much from the online classes. It was a very nice presentation and easy read. Most of the time I found if I listened to my gut I would have scored better on the tests... very good lessons. I did poorly but I learned a lot and I started without having had any previous reading. It was fun! SPC Melody MacMurray

About 12 years ago I came across a copy of The Art of War and found it extremely interesting, but somewhat difficult to apply in my daily life. I am a former prosecutor who has been relatively successful in business development efforts in the public sector (focusing on public safety and victim programs), so I feel I have been at war for the past twenty years....but I didn't know who the "enemy" was. As a prosecutor, it was pretty easy - the defendant and his/her attorney. However, I wasn't supposed to be at war with my prospective client, but it very often seemed that I was. Yesterday I was in a Barnes and Noble and saw The Art of War for Sales Warriors and it immediately seemed to jump out at me. The first pages of this book really brought into clarity who my enemy was, and it made all the sense in the world! At age 58 I don't have a lot of time to re-absorb this every year, but I am going to give it my best efforts. Ron Hatfield

In 2005 I served a fellowship in Washington that required a great deal of travel. In a Beijing bookstore I noticed several different "flavors" of the Art of War, and purchased several to read later. It's later, and instead of reading those I find myself engrossed in digesting your take on this classic. I have greatly enjoyed your take on Sun's work, and quite like the diagrammatic method. It reinforces the duality of every aspect of competition in a way that stays sharp when involved competitive situations...Keep up the good work! Dennis Cobb

I have enjoyed your books "The Art of War for the Sales Warrior" and "Warrior Marketing" and have also recommended them to friends...I am a sole proprietor of my firm in Silicon Valley CA, one of the most competitive business areas in the country, and my firm specializes in Strategic Marketing. As such, success depends on sitting at the feet of the master and learning as much as possible. Your books have greatly assisted in that area. Mike DeAngelis

Sun Tzu has and always will be my favorite strategist, along with Lao Tzu. I am familiar with other strategic classics such as Clausewitz, Mao, Machiavelli, etc., but none seem to hold weight to Sun Tzu. I have read many versions and interpretations on the art of war, and...none can hold a candle to how you convey it to the mass populace. Thank you for you hard work and contribution in offering a priceless Chinese text. Larry Stevenson

I'm a retired naval officer. I own a number of different translations of Sun Tzu and I wanted to give a good version to my brother as a selection in a stack of military books I'm giving him for Christmas. I found your version [Chinese Revealed] on a shelf in Barnes and Noble and I think it's great! I'm going to get my own copy, Larry Barnett

It's Kelly Stomber from S Florida, again. I wanted to say I am really enjoying the [Warrior Class] lessons and the format, they really get me thinking! Kelly Stomber

I have been a student of Eastern philosophy for a very long time....I hate labels but I do try to understand Lao Tsu (Taoist) philosophy. I met once with Master Hua-Ching Ni, back in the 70's in LA, and he made an immense impression on me as a truly genuine Taoist master. Since then I have also tried to penetrate the obscurity of Sun Tsu and only when I came across your book on Warrior Marketing, did Sun Tsu make sense. So congratulations on being a very insightful interpreter or messenger of his "way". Selwyn Gishen

Just wanted to say that your book: Making Money by Speaking was just what I needed at this time in my life. It was exactly my Strategy to speak first and then gain more business leveraging from that positioning. Your book is putting everything into place for me including giving me the tools so that I do not have to spend time re-inventing the wheel. I recently bought your 9 formulas for Business Success but have not really got into it yet. I am sure it will follow in your usual tradition of excellent content as in your Art of War series. I have been quoting you regularly and just wanted to say that I really appreciate your sharing your knowledge and helping business owners like myself. Giselle Hudson

Just a note to say how grateful I am for your EASY-to-learn version of The Art of War. I had read several books but was never able to really start to grasp the concepts until reading your book and signing up for your warrior class and strategy school. I would still be lost or, worse yet, be using the ideas of The Art of War in the completely wrong way. Thanks again. James Mirabal

I am in the middle of your Money Speaking book, and have been very impressed with the content. Also, I have been very impressed with the way that your book successfully achieves the goals that it asks the reader to adopt. I suppose that part of this effect can be described by the Buddhist proverb: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear,” as the week prior to picking up your book I had started to seek out forums and clubs where I could speak. I have found your book to bring validation to the efforts that I have made so far. Even more importantly, it has provided useful information as to how I can “move from boring to soaring.” Many thanks.Julia Young, PLLC, Strategic Legal and Business Counsel, Kirkland WA

I have to tell you that you have helped me come to a major awakening with my company. As I told you before, I buy foreclosures. When I started, I was and still am one of the best at prospecting. I was in front of these homeowners and, ironically, I was getting eaten alive. Without getting into to much detail, I was blind as to my position. By not asking questions, I was not seeing the terrain for what it was, and after weeks and even months of hard work, I was losing deals. Well, I wasn’t losing deals; I was just seeing my position for what it was in the end rather than in the beginning. Now I am spending time initially focusing on the “environment.” I am doing this by asking questions. After getting a clear picture of both my and the homeowners' positions within the environment and also considering and preparing for how these positions will change with time, I can decide if all 5 elements are aligned for probable success. I can’t thank you enough. This is perfect for my company, and, well…I am speechless! K. Zimmerman, InlandHELP

This is just a note to tell you how much I like your books and to share a story about what they have done for me. Very recently, someone I work with stabbed me in the back at a presentation given to some somewhat influential people (no heavy hitters were in the room, but they weren't lightweights either). It was more than a flesh wound but not life threatening. Of course I was angry, but calling him on it in front of the crowd would have made it that much worse, so I just kept my mouth shut.
After work I was walking to the car, plotting my revenge, when I came to my senses. My first thought was profit. So my question was, "Ok, I pick a fight with Mr. X, how does that get me profit? And what is the profit exactly?"
What I learned from your book The Warrior Class helped me analyze the situation. First I sized up Mr. X: he is respected, he is better informed about the department and the agency we work at than I am (he knows lots of people and talks to them constantly), and he is more deeply immersed in some of the technology we use than I am. In short, it is likely that any attack on him will fail.
Then I looked at myself. And I realized that for me, profit has nothing to do with Mr. X at all. He is more immersed in the technology because I made a conscious decision to turn my back on that technology and pursue other opportunities. Making him look bad does nothing to improve my stature. I have two projects I am working on, and the best thing I can do is make them wildly successful. He has nothing to do with either. Attacking him does nothing for me, and even if I succeed in turning him into a steaming pile I am no closer to success.
My move is to ignore the slight and press on with my own agenda.
Normally I would have lain awake all night thinking about what Mr. X did and what my response should be, but once I thought about the terrain, our relative positions, and the position I am trying to move into I was completely calm about the whole incident. I now know something about Mr. X, namely that he is not to be trusted, but what he did can only hurt me if I let it distract me from pursuing success on my terms.
I really appreciate what I have learned from your books. I wish more people would read them. I don't know Chinese but I think your books must be the best translations because they make the most sense. Or another way, none of the other translations has ever made any sense to me.
Thanks for doing the translation. I appreciate it. Dan (last name withheld by request)

I am addicted [to Warrior Class on-line training]. I am past the initial 21 lessons and this is as important as oxygen is to the body. I have been spending 2 hours in the evening and 2 hours before bed studying this. I also bought Art of War and Art of Sales. I will be ordering your Golden Keys off the site. I have forwarded your web site to my associates in the industry. I know of 2 who are signing up so far. Great work on this, Gary. I am just getting started and this is a PERFECT fit for our industry. Kobe Zimmerman, distressed property investor

I have read your new book Making Money by Speaking -- fabulous book with great points on being a spokesperson for our company. I read it two days before going on a business trip and I believe the book helped my partner and me land a nice contract. At least that’s the way it looks so far. Thanks for sharing the information you have learned over the years, I believe you are right and it is much more valuable to share information, as it spreads like fire once the word is out. Fred Leland

I have received your book [The Warrior Class] and am enjoying it immensely. Since I have been practicing strategy for the past 10 years I have found it to be a valuable tool for personal advancement. Your comments are an excellent addendum to the philosophical statements by Sun Tzu. Strategy has offered practical insights into the psychology of human dynamics. When I finish the book I would like to discuss with you some of my thoughts on the subject. Thank you for an outstanding job. Ron Howard, Boca Raton, FL

I surfed from Amazon and linked yours. Although I only started the first chapter [The Art of War Plus The Ancient Chinese Revealed], I already admire your work. The modal verbs you used and the pace that you structured the clauses are excellent, amazing. I must say that your translation is definitely a masterpiece. I believe that in some ways, your knowledge onf Swun Zi is absolutely better than most Chinese or even some of their intellectuals. Chia juei Loh

Gary, Thanks for your work. Wrote you a while ago. Was working on UAVs and doing a master's at Embry Riddle when we were going to integrate AOW into quality. Have a quality position on the Predator program. We are implementing ISO and are going to treat the intervention as a small business and evaluate our market first. Thanks again for your work. Someday I would like to talk management into doing the AOW certification training. Thanks again. Steve

Hi. Just wanted to tell you how much your books have changed my life. I have in my collection many different translations of Sun Tzu's work on different subjects and comparing them to yours is like "balancing a silver coin with a gold coin." No contest. The book that changed all this was your book on career building. The intro on that book alone (the 5 element diagram, 4 skills which none of the other books speak of) helped me realize that there was more to The Art of War. My daughter already understands the 4 basic skills that are needed to survive in this competitive world. And she's only 7! She already has her sights on being president one day. Again, thank you very much. Ossy Hernandez

Gary and Becky, I just finished reading The Art of Sales and just had to write and say thank you! I just purchased The Art of Management for my husband. I wish you continued success and exploration. Karen Parris

The Art of War Plus Warrior Marketing [retitled Warrior Marketing in the latest edition] from Clearbridge Publishing is a must read for every marketing executive. Gary Gagliardi creatively interprets Sun Tzu’s classic text into straightforward winning advice for conducting marketing campaigns. In addition, the side-by-side presentation of both texts allows readers to compare Sun Tzu’s words with Mr. Gagliardi’s marketing interpretations. This book is guaranteed to provide you with the motivation to capture your markets! Dr. D. Steven White, Ph.D., Dept. of Marketing & Business Information Systems, Charlton College of Business, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth

Two books in one, this retranslating of Sun Tzu’s classic warfare text, The Art of War, runs side by side with Gagliardi’s application of it to the business of selling. Both are excellent guides to their subject...the material it delivers provides the weapons any sales professional needs to achieve his or her mission and win. F. John Reh, Your About.com Guide to Management

The translation still seems to be one of the best that I have seen. It is internally consistent between the translated concepts and so shows a level of knowledge and detail that is not present in some other translations. As a translator, the author obviously sees the big picture…Gary Gagliardi is considered by many to be a leading expert in understanding and using the competitive methods embodied in Sun Tzu’s treatise on the Art of War. Midwest Book Review, Harold McFarland, Editor, Reader’s Preference Reviews

THE ART OF SALES is one of the most unique and well-written sales books I have seen in many years. It is full of wisdom, power, and dignity. It stands in sharp contrast to the many hype-filled books on 'sales motivation' and the wimpy 'new age' books that rail on and on against the use of power and influence in selling. THE ART OF SALES is a breath of fresh air in the stale, stodgy world of sales training books. I urge every sophisticated sales professional and sales manager to pick up a copy. This is one of the few books on salesmanship that will actually expand your vision of the world and of what is possible. Donald J. Moine, Ph.D., Sales Psychologist, Co-author, Unlimited Selling Power (Prentice-Hall, 1990), Co-Author, Modern Persuasion Strategies: The Hidden Advantage in Selling (Prentice-Hall, 1984)

In these hectic and competitive times, you always need to know better ways to sell. The Art of War Plus The Art of Sales is full of techniques that you can read on your way to a sales call and use during your meeting. I've already recommended it to my clients. Jan Wallen, consultant and author of "CRM-Powered Selling" column for SalesDoctors.com

As a professional translator and small business owner myself, I am quite impressed with the job he has done in taking a 2,500-year-old Chinese book on war and converting it into a powerful modern-day sales tool...What makes the book so much fun is that it is really two books in one. Ed Martin, Your About.com Guide to Small Business Information

When you are in the trenches, The Art of War Plus The Art of Sales gives you the strategy and tactics to pick your battles and to win the war. A unique approach. Marjorie Brody, CSP, CMC; Author of Speaking Is an Audience-Centered Sport and Professional Impressions ... Etiquette for Everyone, Everyday; President, Brody Communications Ltd.