Thank goodness for adaptability

This story is more of a personal expirience i had today. I'm working to be drum major this year, and lead the Atco ( popular abbreviation for Atkinson County) Rebels Marching band into victory, the basic mission is: to put us back into our prime. while i may discuss this more later, the point is, that when i found out who our new band director is, i knew meeting him was an opportunity i was going to need to fill before by co-drumajor, and especially the Band Boosters. (full disclosure: i dont agree with the Band Boosters methods and way of thinking/doing on some things.) however, come to find out, he wasnt at the school today. soon after, i went to the doctor to get something transferred. that also was a failure. In the end, i only came back with better knowledge, but, the only way i could get though all of this was by being able to adapt, quickly to my constantly changing information, and situation. so, the moral of this story is: Rigid planning of exploring opportunities can mess you up, and potentially mess you up.

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