Training the Warrior Brain: On-Line Training in Sun Tzu's Golden Key Strategy

"You can read about our programs, or you can get off your butt and learn by doing: try a Free 21-Lesson Trial of Warrior Class Training!"

Using it, the Institute's On-Line Training changes your decision-making reflexes to automatically make faster and better choices. Success in competition is all about making better choices. The core of our system is a challenge format which continually challenges you to make decisions and keeps track of your results as a measure of your level of skills.  Our course ware includes our Warrior Class Lessons, Video Seminars, and our original Powerpoint Slide Shows.

A Scholar Membership includes access to all the course material below plus a SOSI membership giving you access to our Sun Tzu's Rules Material.

Our Warrior Class lessons test your knowledge before giving you its lessons to force you to make decisions on limited knowledge. As you go through their concepts, these lessons retrain your mind to use the mental models and pattern recognition that makes Sun Tzu's strategy so powerful. Our customers' success stories prove that this training works. A Warrior Membership includes all the Warrior Class Lessons and a SOSI membership. You can also sign up for individual Warrior Class and other courses. 

Video Seminars: Not one but two different orientation programs. The original course is based on the original organization of chapter in Sun Tzu's The Art of War. Our more recent videeo is based on the conceptual organization used in our Sun Tzu's Warrior Rules.  For more information, click here.

Original Slide Shows: This is our original training material. Its purpose is to provide a self-paced quick, but comprehesive orverview of the thirteen chapters of The Art of War.  Read more about what is included by clicking here.

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