The Trump Prosecution Opportunity


Strategically, how should Republicans use the investigations of Donald Trump to win the upcoming election?

Gary's Answer: 

Great question! Especially the recognition that this is an opportunity, not a problem. Strategically, almost all problem contains an opportunity, but most people don’t recognize that fact.

The opportunity is an opportunity for  Republicans to find common ground with those who have traditionally been the most vulnerable to the excesses of our "justice" system. The fact is that the justice system has gradually become horribly corrupted, but that corruption is hidden because the victims are usually powerless and invisible.  It may seem counterintuitive that the "law and order" party should attack the justice system, but that fact is what makes the opportunity so valuable.

The Republican should use this opportunity to press for reform of the justice system. That nation's laws, like its regulations, have become so bloated and convoluted that crimes can be found against anyone. We no longer have a nation of laws. Instead, we have become a nation of powerful men. Prosecutors and politicians decide who to prosecute and which crimes to ignore. In short, the Republican should flip the narrative. They can now claim to be the real champions of the victims of the justice system because they too have become the victims of that system.

All of the abuses that minorities have complained about for years: selective prosecution, forcing plea deals instead of fair trials, and on and on are on full display in the Trump case. All the fears that people had about setting up “secret courts” for spying on terrorists being extended to private US citizens have also been proven true.

The censoring of conservative ideas and candidates by social media only emphasizes this point. And the victim here is not some, invisible regular person but a rich man who was elected the President of the United States. If they can persecute him like this, who is safe? As Beria, Stalin’s head of the secret police said, “Show me the man, and I will show you the crime.” Our legal system has mutated to the point that no one is safe from a zealous prosecutor, not even the President.

If the Democrats are not the champions of the victims of the justice system, what is their reason for existence? If they can be shown the protectors of the established elites, why would anyone vote for them?

Think about how this plays into the whole new Trump narrative. His argument is simple: the government establishment is indifferent to the common needs of regular people. He has already made the point in economics, turning the economy around for in record time. Who has benefited? The poorest among us. He is working on the illegal immigration issues because illegals threaten the most vulnerable among us as well, both economically and with crimes. This “fix the justice system” idea fits right in, but it is much more devastating for the Democratic strategic position.

Of course, the first thing that is required is legalizing a lot of stuff that is currently illegal at the federal. This starts with marijuana, but it should go well beyond that.