Types of Sessions

The specific topics for each Institute presentation is customized for your organization from a large list of potential topics.

  • Warrior101 "Basic Training": Our introductory program is an entertaining lecture giving attendees and overview of Sun Tzu's strategic system. Ideas are  illustrated with a series of simple group exercises. In it, attendees are exposed to a completely new perspective on how competition really works. They experience how the basics principles of Sun Tzu's system work to simplify and improve day-to-day decision making. These basic orientation sessions generally run about two hours. Lecture points are illustrated by a series of quick exercises.
  • Mastering Change "Boot Camp": Sun Tzu's strategy for creating winning positions is based upon leveraging the opportunities created by change. This session introduces attendee to some practical tools for doing this.  It usually consists of two sessions, taking place on two consecutive days. It runs from four to six hour total time, teaching from four to six different tools. During these sessions, attendees work in competitive teams using Sun Tzu's principles to analyze your organization's current competitive situation.  The workshop looks at the changes currently affecting your organization, how to analyze those changes to spot opportunities, and how to utilize those opportunities in making decisions. 
  • Live "Warrior Class" Sessions: This is our on-going training program. It combines on-line study at the Institute's Strategy School with of a series of live training workshops, conducted several months apart. Workshop sessions focus on interactive exercises that provide trainee experience in using decision-making tools to tackle real world challenges. Attendees are expected to master the academic knowledge working at their own pace to prepare for live sessions. 

Competitive Arenas: