Volume Five: Sun Tzu's Art of War Playbook - Minimizing Mistakes

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This is our eBook download of the Volume Five (30 articles) of our Art of War Playbook. For the print version of this book, click here to go to its page on Amazon.com.

This part of the Playbook focuses on Sun Tzu's concepts for choosing the best ways to explore an opportunity.  This download allows you to access PDF, epub (Nook), and .mobi (Kindle) eBook files.

The Playbook itself is the culmination of over a decade of work breaking down Sun Tzu’s concepts into a series of practical step-by-step processes. It was written by the Institute’s founder, multiple award-winning author, and internationally recognized Art of War expert, Gary Gagliardi.

As with the original work, the Playbook  repeatedly references related concepts again and again in different competitive contexts. However, unlike the original, these articles explain these concepts in detail and illustrates them with examples from modern competition. This provides an understanding of Sun Tzu you can only get otherwise from years of study.  While the original Art of War was originally written for military generals who understood the philosophical concepts of ancient China, our Art of War Playbook is written for today’s readers and provide enough descriptive material so that Sun Tzu's ideas can actually be used in everyday life.

Because of its size and detail, the Playbook is published in nine volumes. This is the fifth volume. It contains a review of the previous volumes so that readers can understand the larger context of the work. The concepts covered in this volume  are listed below:
Playbook Overview     
Volume One Review: Comparing Positions    
Volume Two Review: Developing Perspective    
Volume Three Review: Identifying Opportunities    
Volume Four Review: Leveraging Probability    
About Volume Five: Minimizing Mistakes    
5.0.0 Minimizing Mistakes    
5.1.0 Mission Priorities    
5.1.1 Event Pressure    
5.1.2 Unproductive Responsibility    
5.2.0 Opportunity Exploration    
5.2.1 Choosing Adaptability
5.2.2 Campaign Methods    
5.2.3 Unplanned Steps    
5.3.0 Reaction Time    
5.3.1 Speed and Quickness    
5.3.2 Opportunity Windows    
5.3.3 Information Freshness    
5.4.0 Minimizing Action    
5.4.1 Testing Value    
5.4.2 Successful Mistakes    
5.5.0 Focused Power    
5.5.1 Force Size    
5.5.2 Distance Limitations    
5.5.3 Evaluation Deadlines    
5.6.0 Defensive Advances    
5.6.1 Defense Priority    
5.6.2 Acting Now    162
The Art of War Playbook Series    
About the Translator and Author     
Other Art of War Books by Gary Gagliardi    
Glossary of Key Concepts     

The Nine Parts of the Playbook cover the following topics:
1. Comparing Positions,
2. Developing Perspective,
3. Identifying Opportunities,
4. Leveraging Probability,
5. Minimizing Mistakes,
6. Responding To Situations,  
7. Creating Momentum,
8. Winning Rewards, and
9. Defending Vulnerabilities.