The Warrior Class Book: 306 Lessons in Strategy

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The book goes turns Sun Tzu's The Art of War into a series of lessons. It is the original basis for the Science of Strategy Institute's on-line training program. This award-winning book (Self-Help Book of the Year) offers our most detailed lessons of Sun Tzu’s strategic methods. The book was designed as long series of short, easy-to-understand lessons for those who really want to understand the inner workings of human competition. Examples from modern business and every day life are used to illustrate what people do right and wrong in making strategic decisions.Foreword Magazine's Book of the Year, Self-Help, Finalist.

Lessons follow the original order of The Art of War, starting with the stanza for the book. Each lesson is put into a format that frames each stanza of Sun Tzu’s work as a specific strategic concept. Sun Tzu’s non-intuitive approach to success is contrasted with our less successful instinctual reactions to competitive challenges.