Warrior Training Membership

Price: $139.95

FREE WARRIOR CLASS TRIAL: For all authorized accounts (sign in or register here-- its free!), the first section of the Warrior Class is available here. 

Warrior Class Strategy School membership is our highest level of membership for students of Sun Tzu's The Art of War. It now includes all the material previously restricted to our Strategy School Scholar Members and Institute Trainers. 

$455.44 Value if purchased separately. 

Lessons includes:

  • Access to the 300+ Warrior Class Lessons, interactive training on each stanza of The Art of War.
  • Access to slide shows covering every chapter of Sun Tzu's Art of War.
  • On-line access to exclusive audio and video seminars not available in any form to the public.
  • Certification of your strategic skills 

When you pay for your membership here, you will receive an email with how to access your Strategy Institute account. Access to your Lessons will appear on the Members menu. 

As you complete each of the three Part of the Warrior Class, you are award a Certification of Completion in Your SOSI account.

306 Interactive lessons (over 2000 pages) on mastering the basics of strategy.

  • Eighteen levels of learning, new levels unlock as your skill advances
  • Special discounts (20%) on books and tapes
  • Certification upon completion of the final test

Your fee covers membership for one year.

NOTE: Buying more than one membership gives you more than one year.