Work/Life Balance (homeostasis)

I never really understood the "work/life" balance agenda. I assume it relates more to homeostasis than actual balance. If this is true, then by definition it simply means to self-regulate in a way that keeps conditions uniform. It would be like a life thermostat.A thermostate keeps your house the same tempurature inside no matter what's going on outside. Therefore, work/life balance should assure that your standard of living (whatever that means to you) stays the same regardless of the changing climate (Sun Tzu's "heaven"). The confusion comes from the choice of the word balance. This implies that you want to equal out the weight of work and life. While I can agree with the concept it has to be viewed over a cyclic period of time, perhaps an entire lifetime.

The problem I have with the whole industry of work/life balance is that it's upside down. When times are good, jobs are good, money is good, the recommendation was take time away from work, don't overdo it. Spend some time smelling the roses. Run off with your family. Don't be a workaholic.

As a strategist, I somewhat reject (while at the same time desiring) this notion. When times are good, money is easy, and the market is open, it would seem that proper work/life balance is to work your butt off. Take all you can from the good times because the "times" are cyclical. If they are good now, they will soon turn bad. If they are bad, at some point they will turn good.

When the times go sour, work/life balance means spend more time at home, spend the money you have put away. Utilize the resources you have accumulated during the good times to wait out the storm. Didn't we all learn this as children when we watched the squirrel pack away his nuts for the winter? I grew up on a farm and work/life balance was simple. Work your tail off during the summer and sit back watching winter through the window while sipping hot chocolate.

I think the industry screwed a lot of people with the notion they should relax more during the good times. But, that's just my opinion.